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How Schools Can Meet Student Needs for Sensory Screenings

Written by Continuing Education on January 25, 2019. Posted in School staffing agencies, Sensory screening, Student needs

As schools continue their efforts to identify and meet students’ needs, they are adding regular vision and hearing screening to their programs. Both vision and hearing are crucial to student success in academic and other fields. These important faculties are often neglected, with negative consequences for the children. Education staffing agencies can help schools to find the trained professionals to carry out sensory screenings in a proper and timely fashion.

Why sensory screenings are necessary for children
Hearing and vision are essential faculties for children, but are often imperiled by their circumstances. Problems with hearing and vision affect children’s ability to succeed in school and even to carry on their daily activities safely. As many as 25% of all children between ages five and 17 have vision problems, according to a study by the National Commission on Vision and Health. Further, these problems could have been treated if they had been i

Early Exposure to Foreign Language Helps Students Find Later Success

Written by Continuing Education on January 24, 2019. Posted in Elementary spanish, Spanish storybook, Spanish storybook set

This has been a week to remember. Starting with two Snow Days because of frigid temperatures, high winds, in addition to the sleet and snow, the next two days of the week were scheduled late starts for everyone except the sophomores. As the tenth graders used the first two hours of both of these days taking the writing assessments, the rest of the students were allowed to come in two hours later.
Although the missed days and late starts were something to celebrate, the real memory of the week came when your daughter and three of her middle school friends went back to visit the Montessori classroom they used to attend. From the first when these friends began working in earnest on the Spanish curriculum lessons to the days when they first started using the bead cabinet in elementary, it is important to you that your daughter still keeps in touch with her Montessori friends.
How Long Ago Did Your Child Begin Spanish Curriculum Lessons?
Beginning Spanish curriculum lesso

How to Find a Great Day Care for Your Child

Written by Continuing Education on January 15, 2019. Posted in Infant day care bergen county, Preschool options, Summer camps north jersey

Choosing child care is an important decision. It is even one of the hardest decisions to make as a parent. It is even harder to find great day care. With almost 25% of all children under five in some sort of childcare or daycare center, there is much to be said for the research that has to be done in order to make sure you make the right choice.

Finding a Great Day Care

It is easy to assume that the closest or easiest day care may be the best one to put your child in, but there is much more than that. With the need for preschool programs on top of daycare, sometimes it is important to find a location that has preschool as well. This can provide a feeling of stability of your child is able to spend their days in the same location from the first time they enter daycare all the way through preschool to when they are ready to enter their first days of kindergarten.


4 Advantages of Enrolling Your Child in Preschool

Written by Continuing Education on November 29, 2018. Posted in Daycare edgewater nj, Daycare leonia nj, Tour a preschool

Many parents decide to enroll their children in preschool. In fact, statistics show that 75% of children throughout the United States attend a preschool educational facility. As a parent, you want your child to receive the best possible educational opportunities throughout their lives. Therefore, it’s wise to learn about the benefits of academic preschool for your child. Considering that, here are four important reasons to consider enrolling your child in a preschool program.

  • Promotes Grade School Readiness

    Before you know it, your child will need to start attending grade school. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that your child is ready for first grade. Fortunately, preschools promote grade school readiness for each of their students. Therefore, parents will be able to rest assured knowing their children are adequately prepared to attend grade school.
  • Receiving an Education in a Structured Environment

    Preschool c

5 Advantages of Attending a Private School

Written by Continuing Education on October 31, 2018. Posted in Advantages of private school, Elementary schools, Private elementary schools near me

Choosing a school system for your child is a very important decision. Their experiences and the education they recieve in school will help shape them as people and contribute to the quality of their futures. Every parent wants the best for their child and school should be no exception.

If you are unsure what constitutes “the best” when it comes to schooling, you may want to give some thought to private schools. Private school offers a wide range of advantages when it comes to your child’s educational experience. Many of them also offer assistance with tuition to families who are in need, so don’t let the idea of paying for schooling steer you away from a great choice.

Below we will take a closer look at the advantages of private school and help you decide if it’s the right decision for you and your family.

Smaller Classes

One of the greatest advantages of private schools is that they generally have less students than public schools. In the 2011-12 school year

Why More Parents Are Choosing Preschool Over Daycare

Written by Continuing Education on July 28, 2018. Posted in Preschool education activities, Preschool fort lee nj, Summer camp

As many as 3/4 of American children attend a preschool program of some sort. Unlike finding the right daycare, trying to find the right preschool requires a different focus. Finding the right daycare is a process that is suitable for very young children under the age of four. Children four years and older may reap more benefits from attending a preschool classroom.

What Are the Requirements For a Preschool Curriculum?

As the name implies, preschool philosophies focus on one main goal: preparing small children for the rest of their school experience. There are a number of ways preschools go about achieving this objective. Parents who are researching preschools in their area will be able to determine what school aligns with their values by looking at how the children are taught in the classroom.

When Should a Child Be in Daycare/ Prescho

5 Benefits of Obtaining an Online Education

Written by Continuing Education on May 29, 2018. Posted in Home, It home courses, Online lectures

Around the world, many employers are focusing on wanting educated workers. In fact, recent predictions estimate that over 60% of all jobs will require some type of post secondary education by the year 2020. With that in mind, it’s wise to consider how obtaining ad advanced education can help your future. Considering that, here are five advantages of obtaining an online education in the field of information technology.

  • Not Navigating Through Busy Parking Lots

    One part of attending a college that many people don’t enjoy is finding a parking spot. Depending on the size of the campus, you might it incredibly difficult to find a parking space. This is understandably stressful for someone who is pressed for time. Considering that, you can skip these situations by obtaining your education online.
  • No Lengthy Gaps in Between Classes

    Another peril associated with attending college is dealing with gaps in between your classes.

The Benefits of Seeking Out A Career In Massage Therapy

Written by Continuing Education on May 15, 2018. Posted in Jacksonville massage school, Massage school in jacksonville, Massage therapy training

Who doesn’t love getting a massage? The right massage can help to relieve pain, manage chronic conditions, and reduce stress. A massage can not only be a tool for relaxation, but a medical treatment, available in nearly half of all hospitals around the entirety of the world. Massage has become a verified medical treatment, with more and more people singing the praises of a good massage.

Massage therapy in the medical world is all the more reason to seek out a massage program if you are interested as a career as a massage therapist. A massage program will train you and place you, giving you an open door to a world of opportunity. Massage therapists are getting more patients now than ever before, with more than half of all doctors in the United States willing to recommend their patients to a massage therapist when necessary. Massage is popular among chiropractors as well, who will often incorporate some massage therapy techniques in their practice, as it can help with joint manipul

The Benefits Of Taking An Online Course

Written by Continuing Education on May 6, 2018. Posted in Home study courses, Lectures, Online history courses

There are many viable ways to study and get an education, but learning from home and taking online classes from home or elsewhere outside of the classroom makes accessible in a way that it had not been before the advent of the internet. There are many reasons to take classes from home, and classes based from an online platform are only growing in popularity as the years pass.

One reason that a person may choose to learn from home is a busy work, social, and familial life. In fact, nearly seventy percent of all students taking primarily online classes said that they do so because it allows them to have a better balance in their life between school and other obligations such as family and friends as well as their work. And nearly sixty five percent of all online learners like working through an online platform because it allows them the convenience of gettin

4 Important Considerations for Planning School Staffing

Written by Continuing Education on February 26, 2018. Posted in Education staffing agencies, Online resources, Sensory evaluation

Educational staffing

Let’s face it. A school needs a lot of assets. It needs equipment and facilities, the right rooms, computers, and leadership. But nothing is going to happen well without the right staff. You need people who are student-focused and ready to meet student needs. You might also need trained specialists. What is likely keeping you up at nights, though, is how to arrange staffing to fit inside the budget plan. The school budget plan is crucial and arranging different educational staffing possibilities to get the people you desperately need while keeping within budget requirements is hard. Here ar