Overcoming Convergence Insufficiency as You Continue Your Education

Many people experience significant roadblocks as they try to educate themselves. When you were a child in school, did you struggle to read? If you read slowly and became fatigued quickly from reading, you could have been struggling with convergence insufficiency. Convergence insufficiency is a medical problem with your eyes. Video Source People with this […]

What Is the Series 82 Exam and Do I Need to Take It?

Many industries and markets have a range of training options and opportunities to help those in that career field understand and perform to their optimal capacity. Whether online or in a physical face-to-face class, these kinds of training courses are very important. This YouTube video will focus on the importance of a Series 82 exam […]

Classic Home Office Design Ideas To Help You Study and Work

With remote work more popular than ever, most people have a home office or workspace where they can go to have some quiet and get some work done. Thanks to the covid-19 pandemic, you may have created this space at your dining room table or on your couch out of necessity. Expanding into a real […]

The Risks and Benefits of Weight Loss Surgery Explained

Have you ever wondered what Weight Loss Surgery is? This video will talk about all aspects of the surgery, how it works, risks associated, benefits of this type of surgery, who should consider it for themselves, and more! What is Weight Loss Surgery? Weight loss surgery is performed to help people who are overweight or […]

Learn Some Tips on How to Pass the CIPP Exam

This video discusses the Certified Information Privacy Professional ( CIPP). If you are already involved in privacy or want to move into the field, the CIPP exam gives you the chance to show your privacy skills. Mike Chapple is a CIPP expert and author of a CIPP study guide from Cyber. Video Source In this […]