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The Benefits of Being Multilingual Begin with a Spanish Curriculum for Kids

Written by Continuing Education on April 21, 2017. Posted in Childrens spanish curriculum, Elementary spanish curriculum, Spanish curriculum for kids

Childrens spanish curriculum

As you are likely aware, when children learn how to speak a second language, it’s easier for them to learn a third language. Furthermore, they can learn that third, or perhaps fourth, language even faster.

Children naturally acquire language skills up to the age of 8. Since they acquire these skills through imitation and repetition, songs and games are particularly effective. So, too, are story books.

Foreign language instruction is mandated in many countries by the time children are 8 years old. Students in the United States, however, often don’t receive the opportunity to study a foreign language until they are in junior or senior high school. When they begin learning a second or third language during preschool, however, these students will potentially have 10 to 12 years of experien