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Knowing Your Options When it Comes to Preschool for Your Child

Written by Continuing Education on November 21, 2016. Posted in Private preschool special education, Private preschool vs public preschool, Private preschools

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Many parents are faced with the decision of whether to put their child into early education centers that coincide with a day care center, or whether to stay away from day care centers and put their child in a stand alone preschool program. Some of the schools offer a preschool program along with a pre kindergarten program, and these programs benefit children 3-5 years of age and prepare them for school. Approximately two-thirds of children four years old attend some form of preschool in the United States. These centers include preschool programs offered at a day care center, private preschools and preschool programs that are linked with the local schools.

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Increase Your Earnings With a Master’s Degree

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It’s never too late to go back to school and further your education, especially if you’re looking to get your masters degree in adult education. This type of degree is all you need to develop the skills needed to work with and teach adult learners in various environments, including community college, corporate training events, and professional development events. It’s a skill set that few possess, and is rising in demand. As an added bonus, a masters degree in adult education will help ensure you obtain greater wealth throughout your life. Recent Pew Research reports show that the average annual earnings for those with bachelor’s Continue Reading | No Comments

Challenge Your Child With the Rigorous Curriculum of a Private School Education

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Discussions about the right schools for our children seem to start a younger age every year. There are even some discussions about the right preschool to send our toddlers to! And while it might seem a bit ridiculous, the debate comes from a good place — we all want our children to be successful and to get the best start in life possible. Pretty much everyone agrees that this kind of success starts in our schools. Many argue the benefits of private school education far outweigh the costs of paying for a private school education, especially in larger cities where many public schools are often sadly underfunded. A private school education can often be key for getting into certa