What Does a Home Energy Auditor Actually Do?

Being a home energy auditor has the potential to be a very fulfilling position. Whether you are thinking about becoming one, or are on the search for a high-quality energy audit, knowing some details about the role is extremely beneficial. In this video, we hear Cedar talking about her job as an energy specialist. Video […]

Home Improvement Job Duties a Hands-On Learner May Enjoy

Let us take a moment right now to sit back and appreciate all of the hard work that people do around their own homes. They strive diligently each day to keep their home updated and looking great, and they deserve some acknowledgement and appreciation for all of that hard work. After all, homes would not […]

Why Businesses Rely on Secure Networks

In this video, you will learn about server resources. Businesses rely on secure networks for a variety of reasons. It is how they track and store data for starters. Video Source Keeping their network resource secure, the cloud helps with network breaches. Organizations have to be ready to tackle internal errors. Internal human error happens. […]

5 Key Questions You Should Ask Before Choosing a CRM for Your College

You’re tired of keeping student’s records on spreadsheets and sticky notes. It’s a tedious and outdated way to manage information. So you decide to ditch your manual system for a modern CRM for higher education. After comparing various CRMs, you identify one that looks perfect for your institution of higher learning. It ticks all your […]