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Schooling Options: Why Class Size Matters

Written by Continuing Education on February 18, 2020. Posted in Uncategorized

When children become old enough to finally attend school, many are ecstatic and excited to begin a new chapter in their life. This excitement can easily be forgotten once they find themselves lost within the masses of students also attending school. For some, this can produce feelings of anxiety and fear. It can be hard for students to make friends because there are so many other students not only in the school, but also in their class. Parents concerned about this change and their children will be relieved to know that large public schools are not their only option when it comes to schooling. Other options such as homeschooling, charter schools and private schools such as a private elementary school or a private Christian academy can all be options for them. Below we discuss some of the benefits for parents with children of any age looking to explore their options when it comes to Christian private schools and other private school options.


Student and Student Relationships


When children are in a classroom that is smaller in size they typically make friends easier and get to know the other children in their classes better. This helps encourage not only friendships but empathy and lasting relationships. An astonishing amount, 21%, of teachers in public schools state that empathy between students is a problem yet private schools with smaller class sizes only have roughly 4% of teachers reporting this problem. These skills, while learned in elementary school, can carry over and be extremely beneficial when children enter different grades such as middle school. Children attending middle school are exposed to more stressful situations compared with their peers in elementary. This often leads to mixed feelings of depression and anger coupled with trying to fit in. Students who show empathy and know their classmates better can often notice changes in their peers to help alleviate smaller problems before they become larger problems. A smaller school setting, such as that you will find in private Christian middle school, faith based middle schools and other private middle schools, allows children to better focus on their peers and see when changes arise.


Student and Teacher Relationships


Teachers are the key to effective teaching, and getting to know their students can help them tailor learning needs to each individual student. When teachers are overwhelmed with eight classes each having 30 to 40 kids, it can be hard for them to meet each individual student’s needs. It can also be hard to develop the important student-teacher relationship needed for teachers to be trusted by the student allowing them to be comfortable enough to make mistakes and try during the learning process. Smaller class sizes, such as those that you will find in private Christian middle schools and high schools and other private school settings, allow teachers to form this relationship. Students excel academically when they trust the teacher and know that they care about their education just as much as they want students to.


Collaboration and Thinking Outside the Box


Teachers who teach smaller classes have the opportunity to extend lessons past worksheets. They can offer labs and projects requiring students to interact. When students are in a smaller setting, they are more likely to interact and talk to their peers. Teachers dealing with smaller classes can plan these activities and projects more frequently compared with those dealing with a larger classroom setting.


As you can see the class sizes that you get from smaller school setting such as private Christian schools and charter schools are beneficial not only to the students but those teaching these students as well. Many parents weight the benefits of added costs for their children to attend schools like a Christian middle school, but they soon find the benefits outweigh the cost. When students excel in charter schools, private Christian middle schools and other faith based private schools parents, students and teachers all feel the excitement and accomplishments together as a team. Other schooling options are available, so researching all of your options is recommended before sending your child to school. Once equipped with all the information needed, you make the best choice when it comes to your child.

Five Ways Gratitude Can Positively Affect Your Life

Written by Continuing Education on April 24, 2019. Posted in Life coaching, Meditation coach, Meditation teacher

A recent survey indicates just 33% of Americans say they are happy in their daily lives. While there’s no magic path to happiness, thinking about it has a compilation of good fortunes can help people increase their happiness as they go through life.

Another way to increase your happiness as well as the happiness of others is by showing gratitude. Whether you write down daily the things you’re thankful for or stop to show gratitude to people in everyday life. The fact is, there are many benefits of practicing gratitude and showing gratitude and those benefits include:

  • Looking for the good things in life: When you look for things to show gratitude for, chances are that one thing will lead to several more good things. If you’re thankful for your job for example, you might also show gratitude to your co-workers, for your general work environment and the customers you may work with, if you’re in customer service. The point is that if you look for gratitude in o

Starting from a Childrens Spanish Curriculum to Develop Further Language Learning Through Life

Written by Continuing Education on April 24, 2019. Posted in Childrens homeschool spanish curriculum, Excelerate spanish, Kids spanish curriculum

It may seem a little excessive to be teaching elementary students Spanish or another second language at a young age. However, there are many long-term benefits to gaining a bilingual education from a young age. So, there are some specific things to consider when developing a childrens Spanish curriculum that will help them learn the language well at a young age.

Preschool Spanish Curriculum

Sometimes there are options for a preschool where your child can learn Spanish or another second language. The choice of a preschool is important, especially with it being the first step in their lifelong education. Not all locations offer preschool Spanish lessons, even though evidence has proven that children who learn a second language are able to learn a third one even faster. That means that language courses in middle school, high school, or college will be much easier having started with that childrens Spanish curriculum at a much younger age.

Beginning Spanish Curricul

Four Reasons Why Private Schools Are Better Than Public Schools

Written by Continuing Education on April 24, 2019. Posted in Kendall art school, Preschool near me, Private school education

When it comes to children’s education, there are any number of questions to ask when it comes to finding the right school; everything from what a school’s reputation is to where to send a child to public or private schools to how will a child learn?

If that sounds overwhelming, that’s because, at times, it can be. Choosing the best school for your child is a huge commitment; one that’s going to help determine your child’s education journey. When you pick a school, the biggest question to ask is where is the best place for my child?

When it comes time to make that choice, private schools offer plenty of benefits. In the United States, 24% of all schools are private or day schools. Approximately 2.63 million students were enrolled in private elementary schools in the United States in 2016. After all, the top private schools in America are the best for a reason.

If you’re pondering where to send your child, here are four reasons by private schools are better than public sch

Why Private Schooling Is Preferred

Written by Continuing Education on April 23, 2019. Posted in Private preschool nyc, Private schools near me, Town and country nursery school

The debate between private school versus public schools has always sparked much controversy over which system benefits student’s education the most. All schools have advantages of attending, but there are many distinctions around why parents prefer private preschool for their children instead of nursery school.

Why Private Schools Near Me?

When parents actively scout for schools for their child, they search for an environment that is fitting to both their child’s personality and their agenda. Schools that promote safety and academic independence tend to be a trend in a highly recognized school, most of the top schools being private. Parents want their child to excel in academic endeavors; they desire for their children to be among the top performing in this competitive world, attributing a world-class education to achieving this. The method of independent learning has become closely associated with academic success, and ultimately, private schools be

Five Ways Your Child Can Benefit From Attending A Summer Camp

Written by Continuing Education on April 15, 2019. Posted in Daycare activities, Finding the right summer camp, Summer camp activities

When school gets out for the year, one of the best ways to keep kids active and engaged is through summer programs or summer camps.
Each year, more than 11 million children and adults attend a summer camp in the United States. Additionally, 63% of children who learn new activities as a summer camp will keep an interest in those activities at the end up camp, according to the American Camp Association (ACA).

The benefits of sending your youngster to a summer camp or summer programs include:

  • Fostering teamwork: Whether your child is interested in sports or is really into arts and crafts, summer programs do a good job of keeping kids engaged in programs that promote teamwork. Summer programs do a great job of teaching kids meaningful skills that are important for later in life and teamwork is one of the most important. Through teamwork, kids will learn to work together, whether they are playing a sport like swimming (the fourth most popular activity among Ame

Is A Private Education The Best Choice For Your Children

Written by Continuing Education on March 27, 2019. Posted in Kendall art school, Private middle school, South florida private schools

Deciding on where to send your children to school can be one of the most difficult decisions you can make but also one of the most important decisions that can be decided upon. If you’re like the many parents who are just learning how to navigate their way through the public and private school systems, perhaps it is time to take a further look at the advantages of private school and why looking at the best private preschools in Miami might be in the best interest of your children for you to look into and decide upon.

If you’re trying to figure out if there are advantages of private schools over public schools the simple answer is yes, there are many advantages of turning to private institutions for your young scholars. When you find yourself wondering what those benefits of private educations are and why you should entrust your children to these places there are a couple of very simple answers to those questions that you should keep in mind first and foremost when looking at

Why Dentists Matter Here In The United States

Written by Continuing Education on February 27, 2019. Posted in Dental job placement agencies, Dentist job search, Dentist jobs in florida

We all have teeth and we all must take care of them if we hope to keep them into our elderly years. And this is something that we should all care about, as our teeth play a very important role in our lives, much more extensively than many of us realize. Keeping our teeth in good shape will likely have a considerable impact on the overall quality of the lives that we lead.

For instance, you use your teeth for chewing food all of the time, often without even really thinking about it. Without teeth, consuming many types of food would become hugely difficult, if not straight up impossible. For many people, even using dentures to eat is difficult, and so they still find themselves limited thanks to a loss of teeth.

In addition to this, your teeth actually impact the way that you talk. Without your teeth, it’s unlikely that you’d be able to talk as easily and with the amount of clarity that you currently have. In this way, a lack of teeth can have a considerable impact on your soci

CPR, AED Be Prepared To Deal With a Medical Emergency

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If you see someone collapse and stop breathing, do you know what to do. It can take several minutes for first responders to show up after you call 911, and those minutes can be critical in someone’s survival. Statistics show that the survival of someone who is not breathing collapse 7% for every minute of delay in care, which is why it is so important for bystanders to do CPR until rescue personnel can arrive. It’s important that a person in medical distress get care as soon as possible, which is why it’s vital that bystanders render the care they can until professionals arrive.

One of the ways to be ready to help in a crisis is to take a CPR class. CPR classes only require a few hours of training for you to become certified in CPR. Many non medical jobs, such as lifeguards and daycare providers, require people to become certified in CPR. Even if it is not required for a job, however, CPR training can still be valuable. CPR aids in maintaining blood flow to the brain and the heart,

What to Look for in a Good Nursery School

Written by Continuing Education on February 26, 2019. Posted in Greenwich village private schools, Town and country nursery school

Choosing a good nursery school for your child is arguably one of the most important decisions to make for most parents as this is where the education foundation of the child is built. The reason why most appear not to know what to do is because they do not carry out due diligence when selecting the school of their choice. Another challenge is that unlike other advanced private schools, getting into nursery school is not a rigorous process hence parents tend to overlook some basic characteristics of a good nursery school. While nursery school admissions are not given the kind of attention that they deserve, they somehow shape a child’s leaning experience from the beginning to college level. This is why parents should consider the following factors before choosing a nursery school for their kids.

Stable Relationships
A good relationship with the caregiver should be the focal point between enrolling your baby to a nursery school nyc. At this stage of development