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Why More Parents Are Choosing Preschool Over Daycare

Written by Continuing Education on July 28, 2018. Posted in Preschool education activities, Preschool fort lee nj, Summer camp

As many as 3/4 of American children attend a preschool program of some sort. Unlike finding the right daycare, trying to find the right preschool requires a different focus. Finding the right daycare is a process that is suitable for very young children under the age of four. Children four years and older may reap more benefits from attending a preschool classroom.

What Are the Requirements For a Preschool Curriculum?

As the name implies, preschool philosophies focus on one main goal: preparing small children for the rest of their school experience. There are a number of ways preschools go about achieving this objective. Parents who are researching preschools in their area will be able to determine what school aligns with their values by looking at how the children are taught in the classroom.

When Should a Child Be in Daycare/ Prescho