Why Continuing Education Schools May Be Perfect For You

Have you been considering lately whether a continuing education school should be part of your future? Well, you should wonder or consider no more, because now is as good a time as any to investigate these continuing education schools. They will do more for you than any traditional school setting, and they are largely being […]

With Something for Everyone, Continuing Education Makes the Grade

When Mark Twain famously said, “I never let school interfere with my education,” it is most likely he meant the traditional and not the continuing education schools. Unlike private or public colleges and universities, there is little or no admissions process for continuing education schools. There is no application to fill out, no waiting to […]

Learn How to Properly Promote Global Health

There are quite a few reasons it is so important to promote awareness and understanding when it comes to global health issues. The practice of global health has many areas but one of the more prevalent concerns is to advance public health knowledge, promote healthiness and well being, and to prevent disease, disabilities, and early […]