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High School Playoffs for Some Sports Could be Coming to An End in Louisiana

Written by Continuing Education on June 10, 2016. Posted in Athletics, Preparatory school coral gables fl, Private schools in miami

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In Louisiana, the Louisiana High School Athletic Association (LHSAA) has been receiving complaints regarding its public and private school split.

“There is a tremendous amount of distrust between public school and private schools,” said Ken Trahan, sports analyst.

Principles from across the state are voting to split up the LHSAA for three sports: baseball, softball and basketball.

High school football has already split up from the LHSAA a few years ago. In order to provide enough league champions in all the sports, football increased its number of championship games from five to nine, and the other three sports will go up from seven to 14 championship games.

Some state principles, however, are against the decision to split up the public and private school and think it could lea

The Tough Questions Parents Need to Ask to Determine What the Best Preschool is For Their Child

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Unlike many other things in life, there is no guide or “rule” book when it comes to raising children, with a lot of parents having to simply learn as they go through trial and error. And with parenting being one of the — if not the — hardest job on the planet, it’s easy to see how a parent could become stressed at the thought of making a big mistake during at least 18 years of on the job training. After all, creating, take care of, and raising another human being to become a happy, healthy, and productive member of society is kind of a big deal, so it’s easy to see why parents feel so pressured in raising their child the “right” (cough, cough — socially accepted) way.

And one of the most important (and most heavily criticized) areas of parenting is education. Whether Continue Reading | No Comments