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Preschool Choices Help Determine Educational Success

Written by Continuing Education on December 13, 2017. Posted in Great day care, How old can a child be for daycare, Summer camps for preschoolers


You would never have imagined your quest to find a good preschool program for your older daughter would have had such an impact on your family. The fact of the matter is, though, on that day you went in search of the right preschool setting for your daughter you knew you were looking for more than a top notch day care. In fact, every time you visited a preschool you found yourself wondering why one of your friends thought the school they were recommending was a top preschool. In many cases, the child day care centers you were visiting were focused on strictly rotating through stations. Stations for crafts. Stations for reading. Stations for music.
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Four Careers you Can do with a Kinesiology Degree

Written by Continuing Education on October 24, 2017. Posted in Degree in secondary education, Interpersonal

Bs kinesiology

Are you considering going back to school to fulfill your desire to help others? There are many different degrees that allow you to work with people in a helping manner. Specifically, a kinesiology degree gives you a background in athletics, both administratively and applied. With a kinesiology degree, you can work a variety of professional roles.

Occupational therapist

Occupational therapists are very important for rehabilitation, especially after an injury or surgery. One of the things that a kinesiology degree prepares you for is how exercise can be used to improve a condition. Exercise is important following an injury.

Are You Getting Ready to Start an Online Class?

Written by Continuing Education on October 18, 2017. Posted in Lecture, Study at home


It is difficult to argue with the value of continuing education. It is difficult, however, to find time to attend classes on college campuses that are far from your home, and in many cases it can be difficult to afford the move or the travel that it takes to enroll in a college. Fortunately, more and more colleges and universities offer convenient and affordable home learning opportunities.
From high school seniors who are looking for more of a challenge to managers who are trying to find a way to get an MBA, home learning opportunities are often the best advice. From increasing your chances at getting in and earning scholarships at a college for your undergraduate degree to taking extra classes so that you can get that next promotion at

4 Benefits of Obtaining a Degree Online

Written by Continuing Education on September 20, 2017. Posted in Lecture, Online learning, Online lectures

Online learning

Many people are furthering their careers through higher education courses. Statistics show that 32% of students taking high education courses take at least one entirely online. Many find online learning is superior to the environment of a classroom. Statistics show that 60% of jobs by 2020 will require post secondary education. Here are four benefits of obtaining an education online.

  1. Wide Range of Courses

    Many schools have ensured students have a wide range of online classes to take. In many cases, students have the same degree options taking online courses that they would on campus. The popularity of online lectures has helped ensure many degrees are entirely available online.
  2. Learning From the Privacy of Your Home

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Important Academic Preschool Programs for Your Child

Written by Continuing Education on July 28, 2017. Posted in Daycare, High quality education, Preschool palisades park

Preschool fort lee nj

Children are very cunning, curious and experimentative when they are young. They are like sponges absorbing every little moisture of information they come across, whether it’s words, action, experience, or behavior. Whatever they learn, feel, hear, see or engage in at this stage is an investment that shapes up their future, both academic and professional. Generally, children get to learn more and understand fast in their childhood years and that’s why early childhood education is encouraged.

The benefits of academic preschool cannot be overstretched. Studies show that children who go through early childhood education benefit in many different ways, and that their family and the society at large benefit too. Most Continue Reading | No Comments

Become a Lifelong Learner With Home Learning

Written by Continuing Education on July 26, 2017. Posted in Home study courses, Study at home, Studying


You’ve probably heard the term “lifelong learners” but have you ever wondered what that truly means? For many people, their learning doesn’t end when they graduate high school, college, or a higher education institute. Some may take online learning courses, study at home, or listen to online lectures regarding topics they’re interested in, want to learn more about, or that can bring them an extra skill set, or help hone an existing skill set. With the digital age, there’s a number of ways to conduct home learning — it’s not just homeschooling for kids anymore! By far, the most popular way to do a specific course of study is to take online courses o

Three Ways to Gain a Better Understanding of What Do HVAC Technicians Do

Written by Continuing Education on July 15, 2017. Posted in Baking and pastry schools in miami, What do medical billing and coding do, What is the next step after pharmacy technician

Best career programs

Young people who are looking to find out about alternative to college and new job skills might not have considered some career paths that are not traditional, but still pay well. When learning about what do HVAC technicians do, it is helpful to understand the benefits behind picking such a job. Rather than pursue regular college courses, students can find themselves learning about a new career that they will be able to practice in a year or two, depending on their study time. Here are three benefits when it comes to considering a career path doing HVAC.

HVAC Technicians Make A Well-Paid Wage

HVAC Technicians are able to earn a decent income to support themselves, despite not requiring years of school that traditional college students take. Most HVAC technicians make over $45

Pharmacy Schools Could Be Your Career Answer

Written by Continuing Education on July 1, 2017. Posted in Florida pharmacy technician, Medical assistant duties in urgent care, Student centered education

Medical office administrator

It can be a difficult thing, to decide what you want to do for a career. Society is set up in such a way that there is a specific formula that is meant to be followed if you are to find your way to that shiny American dream that awaits everyone who works hard enough and smart enough. But the problem is that the formula is flawed: it only works for certain people, a fraction of the time, and that is because people are vastly different.

Not only do people have different values that make each individual’s dream and end goal quite different from the next person’s, but people also learn and grow vastly differently as well. These differences should be celebrated, rather than attempting to cram every unique personality into one boring box.

Make your own dream

The United States Needs More Funding for After-School Programs

Written by Continuing Education on June 29, 2017. Posted in Child care centers, Early education, Infant care bonita springs

Infant care ft myers

Very few children have a parent in the home on a full-time basis. While many mothers used to be able to stay at home to care for their children, currently, most need to be in the workforce. In some cases, fathers may choose to be the stay-at-home parent in order to care for their children; however, given the present economy, both parents usually need to be fully-employed. This situation is even more critical for single parents, especially when they don’t receive child support or other assistance.

Recent data shows that 70.5% of mothers are working. This includes 64.8% of mothers with 1 or more children 6 years of age or younger. While approximately 23.4% of children aged 5 and under are attending some type of day care program, preschool, or other organized child care situation, others don’t have a

Before You Go Back to College as an Adult, Consider This

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Secondary education

Adults who continue their college education generally make more money than the competition who has less education. In fact, the average starting salary of an worker with a Bachelors Degree make about $45,000 each year. Some career experts estimate that the difference between no degree and a secondary education degree could average out to roughly half a million dollars over the course of a lifetime.

Going back to school can be difficult, it’s true. While going back to school during one’s elementary education was a cause for excite