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Are You Considering Sending Your Student to a Private School?

Written by Continuing Education on January 4, 2017. Posted in Best preschools in miami, Coral gables private schools, Kindergarten

Coral gables preparatory academy

The break is over.
Today your husband went back to work; tomorrow the children head back to school. And just as the second semester starts, you find yourself stressing over the decision about where your son will go to high school next year. Although you have sent your children to public schools so far, as your oldest son finishes his last year in middle school you are considering making a change for high school. More and more, you are thinking that a private high school might be the best decision academically, socially, and athletically. From getting the one on one attention that he needs in the classroom to having a chance to make the high school basketball te

The Importance of Finding a Preschool Program That Emphasizes Your Child’s Unique Talents

Written by Continuing Education on December 19, 2016. Posted in Best preschools in coconut creek, Day care coconut creek, Preschools in coconut creek fl


Many parents want to take an active role in directing the educational future of their children in order to give them every opportunity to discover something they love. To this end, recent studies suggest that the earlier a child starts their education, the better off they may be in the future. These studies who received early childhood education scored higher than their peers, exhibited a greater degree of creativity, and were more socially active among their peers. Here are some reasons why preschool may be more important to your child’s future than previously believed.

What is Preschool?

Preschool refers to an early childhood educational class available for children from the ages of three and four years old. Many of these preschools offer a part time schedule or a Continue Reading | No Comments

Knowing Your Options When it Comes to Preschool for Your Child

Written by Continuing Education on November 21, 2016. Posted in Private preschool special education, Private preschool vs public preschool, Private preschools

Kla schools reviews

Many parents are faced with the decision of whether to put their child into early education centers that coincide with a day care center, or whether to stay away from day care centers and put their child in a stand alone preschool program. Some of the schools offer a preschool program along with a pre kindergarten program, and these programs benefit children 3-5 years of age and prepare them for school. Approximately two-thirds of children four years old attend some form of preschool in the United States. These centers include preschool programs offered at a day care center, private preschools and preschool programs that are linked with the local schools.

Research has shown that pr

Increase Your Earnings With a Master’s Degree

Written by Continuing Education on November 17, 2016. Posted in College in rhode island, Communications major, Medical laboratory science masters

Masters in medical laboratory science

It’s never too late to go back to school and further your education, especially if you’re looking to get your masters degree in adult education. This type of degree is all you need to develop the skills needed to work with and teach adult learners in various environments, including community college, corporate training events, and professional development events. It’s a skill set that few possess, and is rising in demand. As an added bonus, a masters degree in adult education will help ensure you obtain greater wealth throughout your life. Recent Pew Research reports show that the average annual earnings for those with bachelor’s Continue Reading | No Comments

Challenge Your Child With the Rigorous Curriculum of a Private School Education

Written by Continuing Education on November 6, 2016. Posted in High school basketball team, Private schools coral gables, South miami high school

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Discussions about the right schools for our children seem to start a younger age every year. There are even some discussions about the right preschool to send our toddlers to! And while it might seem a bit ridiculous, the debate comes from a good place — we all want our children to be successful and to get the best start in life possible. Pretty much everyone agrees that this kind of success starts in our schools. Many argue the benefits of private school education far outweigh the costs of paying for a private school education, especially in larger cities where many public schools are often sadly underfunded. A private school education can often be key for getting into certa

Five Reasons to Pursue a College Degree

Written by Continuing Education on July 18, 2016. Posted in Bachelor degree communications, Bachelors degree in english, Bachelors in communications

English degree

Earning a college degree is not necessarily a requirement of “the American dream,” but it has opened up countless opportunities for people of all backgrounds and ages. There’s no wrong time to pursue an education!

Whether you’re 19 or 45, you can begin the path to a bachelors or masters degree today. Still on the fence? Here are five reasons you should consider pursuing a college degree.

Make More Money

It’s no lie that a college education is an investment, but it’s one that creates serious benefits. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to earn a STEM degree to be successful in the world. A human development degree can provide just as many,

High School Playoffs for Some Sports Could be Coming to An End in Louisiana

Written by Continuing Education on June 10, 2016. Posted in Athletics, Preparatory school coral gables fl, Private schools in miami

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In Louisiana, the Louisiana High School Athletic Association (LHSAA) has been receiving complaints regarding its public and private school split.

“There is a tremendous amount of distrust between public school and private schools,” said Ken Trahan, sports analyst.

Principles from across the state are voting to split up the LHSAA for three sports: baseball, softball and basketball.

High school football has already split up from the LHSAA a few years ago. In order to provide enough league champions in all the sports, football increased its number of championship games from five to nine, and the other three sports will go up from seven to 14 championship games.

Some state principles, however, are against the decision to split up the public and private school and think it could lea

The Tough Questions Parents Need to Ask to Determine What the Best Preschool is For Their Child

Written by Continuing Education on June 6, 2016. Posted in Childrens musical learning coconut creek fl, Kindercare, Private preschool tuition

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Unlike many other things in life, there is no guide or “rule” book when it comes to raising children, with a lot of parents having to simply learn as they go through trial and error. And with parenting being one of the — if not the — hardest job on the planet, it’s easy to see how a parent could become stressed at the thought of making a big mistake during at least 18 years of on the job training. After all, creating, take care of, and raising another human being to become a happy, healthy, and productive member of society is kind of a big deal, so it’s easy to see why parents feel so pressured in raising their child the “right” (cough, cough — socially accepted) way.

And one of the most important (and most heavily criticized) areas of parenting is education. Whether Continue Reading | No Comments

How to Make the Task of Finding the Right Preschool Your Child or Children Easier Than Ever Before

Written by Continuing Education on May 26, 2016. Posted in Grade school readiness, High quality education, Preschool leonia nj

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When it comes to making the best and right decisions in terms of your child’s care, especially when it comes to the education and care of young children, compromise simply isn’t an option! Similar to choosing the right daycare facility, choosing and finding the right preschool is not only imperative to creating sense of grade school readiness and getting a high quality education, but it’s also an important part of your child’s overall well being. As such, finding the right preschool can be a nerve wracking experience and one that’s rife with doubt, indecision, and frustration.

But guess what — it doesn’t have to be!

Like any arduous task that seems impossible, the task

Tips for Teaching Preschool Kids Spanish

Written by Continuing Education on March 3, 2016. Posted in Homeschool spanish curriculum, Preschool spanish lessons, Spanish curriculum

Spanish curriculum for elementary school

Being bilingual has definite advantages. Bilingual people make more money. They earn about 20% morethan people who cannot speak more than one language. If you have children, you may be interested in teaching them to speak a second language. It is much easier for really young children to pick up a new language than for older children, adolescents or adults. Once kids learn a second language, it becomes a lot easier for them to master a third. More and more parents are finding this out and turning to programs that can help their kids in this area. Spanish for preschoolers is a big thing around the country and preschool spanish lessons are being offered in more and more places.

Great Tips for Teaching Your Kids Spanish:

  • Find an enthusia