Have you ever wondered what they teach in law school? Have you ever asked questions like can I object to a subpoena like the attached video does, or about mistakes that nullify subpoenas or other legal processes? Then you are also probably looking at the type of learning discussed in higher education, like in the classrooms of law schools.

That is also a window into what students might expect to learn at institutions of higher learning. At the rudimentary levels, we learn about what things are, and what they do.

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In higher education, we begin to learn how those things work and why they work that way. From principles of law to legal protocols, students can expect to go beyond the fundamentals of law 101.

Interestingly enough, however, most law schools of repute don’t teach specialty law. What students do learn are the core building blocks of becoming an attorney and litigator, but specialty law is something somewhat different. So, students can expect an opportunity to learn what everyone aspiring to become an attorney does, but what they do with that knowledge and education is up to them. Good luck in your educational pursuits and in your endeavors in higher education and law.