Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Tattoo Artist? Find Out, Here?

Written by Continuing Education on March 3, 2016. Posted in Becoming a tattoo apprentice, Los angeles tattoo apprenticeship, Tattoo apprenticeship los angeles

Art school for tattooing

For those who identify themselves as artists, it?s important to remember why you wanted to start creating art in the first place…

Art is the foundation of feelings: it is born of the intangible. Art is meant to touch your soul and push you to reflect on yourself, as well as the world around you. Because we exist in a world saturated with superficial cares, art is the tool we use to process. Art processes that which it understands, along with that which puzzles the masses.

Of course, depending on your medium, art can be interpreted in a number of ways. For example, if you?re a skillful drawer, perhaps you?ve wondered how to become a tattoo artist. A tattoo artist can specialize in a variety of styles, with a certain expertise in particular fields, such as portraits or tribals. To perfect