Are You Considering Sending Your Student to a Private School?

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The break is over.
Today your husband went back to work; tomorrow the children head back to school. And just as the second semester starts, you find yourself stressing over the decision about where your son will go to high school next year. Although you have sent your children to public schools so far, as your oldest son finishes his last year in middle school you are considering making a change for high school. More and more, you are thinking that a private high school might be the best decision academically, socially, and athletically. From getting the one on one attention that he needs in the classroom to having a chance to make the high school basketball team, a private high school may be the solution.
Private High Schools Can Provide Smaller Class Sizes and Greater Academic Opportunities
On average, private high school enrollments are less than half the size of public school enrollments. In a smaller school setting the student to teacher ratio is often smaller that the ratio in a larger public school. In a study completed by the Fraser Institute in 2007, in fact, 91% of private school parents surveyed indicated that the dedication of the teachers was their main reason for choosing private school over public school.
In a world that is increasingly competitive, most parents want to find a way to give their students an edge when it comes to applying for scholarships and colleges. For many families, the academic advantage is found in private schools that are rigorous and have dedicated and highly qualified instructors.
And while many parents do not start thinking about the competitive aspect of school until middle school or high school, other families even make their earliest decisions based on this future competition. Did you know, for example, that students who attend preschool do as much as 21% better on math and reading tests in kindergarten than peers who do not attend. Perhaps, then, selecting an academic private preschool is the very best way to make sure that your child has the best advantage further down the road.
Private High Schools Can Provide Social Opportunities That Are Not Available in Large Public Schools
When you first visit a private high school one of the very first things that you may notice is that the students are typically wearing uniforms. The uniforms, however, are only a part of the social atmosphere that is created in a private school environment. For while the private school uniforms codes set a tone of resect, they are just the very first part of the community that is a strong part of a private school environment. Many other social aspects of a private school help students, families, and staff bond and help to build a strong supportive community. At some private schools community is built through chapel and other religiously centered activities. At other private schools, class competitions, community service events, and days off campus serve as both social events and team building events.
Private High Schools Can Provide Greater Access to Competitive Athletic Options
It may seem like looking for a school where your son or daughter has a chance to make the high school basketball team is a strange reason to pay private school tuition, but athletics and other activities play into the decisions that many families make. And while a spot of the high school basketball team or the wrestling squad may not be the top priority, many parents and administrators know that being an active student is an indicator for success in in high school. In fact, many schools, even private, strongly encourage students to be involved in at least one club or sport. This participation is encouraged because studies indicate that students who are involved in at least one activity perform better in school.
In some private schools the chance of getting a spot on the a high school basketball team or the student council office panel can be less competitive. With fewer students to compete against, smaller private schools can provide extra opportunities to many students.
Approximately 30,861 private schools in the U.S. serve more than 5.3 million pre-kindergarten through high school senior students. Will your child be one of them?