In this video, you will learn the DIY procedure of installing artificial turf as a beginner. The video is directed by artificial turf installation service professionals who explain the process of this DIY project. The turf to be installed was about 120 to 140 square feet, and it needed about 3 inches of dirt removed from the surface to get started. Start by measuring 3 inches into the ground with a string line.

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But if you don’t have one, you can use a Dewalt laser with a measuring tape. The dirt removal process was done by wheelbarrow, and the dirt was taken to Brea Landfill in Orange County. This landfill was taking in free dirt.
The next step is to put up the base material. Usually, it’s a sandy concrete base, but a three-quarter aggregate and larger rocks than normal were used for this job. Flatten the base material for an easier time laying on the turf.
Curious to see how the artificial turf turned out? Keep watching the video to the end to see the beautiful reveal of this DIY. If you want an artificial turf but have not experienced it, call your nearest artificial turf installation service providers to save time and get a good job done.

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