Finding God when you need strength

Finding faith

In this day and age it can be difficult finding faith in God. Humans have always struggled with doubt, especially during hard times. When we are incapable of succeeding or something bad happens, we are told it is because of our own free will. But when something wonderful happens in our lives, we are told to thank God for our givings. It’s no wonder that when you have trouble finding god in your life, you don’t know where to turn, inward or upward.
But there is encouragement during difficult times (and easy times too). Many people turn to friends and relatives for support, others to church or religion. Some people even seek scripture, writings or uplifting poetry.
By whatever methods, when man needs help finding faith in God, he should be able to find answers. Answers will vary depending on how one needs them to work in their lives. For instance, a mother who wants her children to know the presence of God must first have God in her heart, for when one knows God, they can share that faith easier with others. When a person questions God’s presence in the face of adversity, that person must also remember that God created man to take care of the earth and have dominion over all. But because of our sin and abuse, the earth rebukes us. Finding faith in God is recognizing that God could have wiped away our sins, but we would be robots without choices.
Finding faith in God is never easy. Life is full of ups and downs. A constant belief in, and recognition of, a higher power can keep one grounded in faith.
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