How Going Back to School Could Actually Help Make Ends Meet

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It seems that these days you need a college degree and sometimes an even higher level of education to get a job that pays well. People tend to respond negatively (and with surprise) when people mention they don’t have a college education. However, sometimes life gets in the way. Even people who attended undergraduate, but never went on to a master’s program can face challenges getting the job they want, because of all the competition. Other adults may go back to school later in life because they’ve found a passion for a certain subject and want to develop a skill that they can channel into a new business pursuit or career. A popular degree for adult education is a master of business administration degree, which covers topics like accounting, marketing, human resources, and other management level skills.
Why Can Going Back to School Help Me?
For one thing, returning to school can help bump your paycheck up, which can also lead to a better quality of life. In 2012, a Pew Research report was released, which showed that employees who had a a bachelor’s degree at minimum had average earnings of $45,500, employees with only some college education had average earnings of $30,000, and employees with only a high-school diploma made only around $28,000 a year. In 2013, statistics showed that almost 90% of millennials who had received a college education worked full time and Americans with four year degrees make 98% more every hour than those without a college degree. Although many people are concerned about the rising costs of college, almost 85% of those who went to college said it’s paid off.
As bad as it sounds, you may also get more respect from your peers and authorities if you have a college degree in hand. Many people look down on those who don’t have a college degree, for whatever reason. If you have the means to do it, furthering your education can go a long way in changing people’s perceptions of you, and advancing your own knowledge and empowerment.
If you’re a mother returning the workforce after some years, you may find the workforce has changed considerably — for example, a master of business administration degree may help you catch up on business regulations and practices. If you’re discovering a new passion, going back to school can help you get the knowledge you need to make that passion a sustainable career. You’ll make important connections no matter what the reasons are for returning to college that can help you later on down the line in your search for a job.
What Degrees Are Particularly Helpful?
Certainly, a master of business administration is helpful for entrepreneurs or someone looking to go into business. You get a holistic view of the process and often get hands on experience through required internships or entry-level jobs. Secondary education requires a master’s degree as well, as do many humanities fields, such as psychology or family studies. Fields in which you can do practical hands-on work are good ones to look at, especially if you already have an inclination towards those fields in the first place.
What Can I Do With a Master of Business Administration Degree?
Having an MBA can help advance you to management level positions and advance you to the next step in your career. The degree targets particular business skills that can be advantageous in your arsenal during interviews or when applying for a new position. You’ll gain another way of thinking about business — even the business you’re in — which may help you develop strategies that make you an asset to the company. Popular jobs for those with MBA’s include accountants, CEO’s, recruiters, financial analysts, and management consultants. Positions in the hospitality industry are also commonly sought out by those with MBA’s. Everyone needs good upper management, so if you’re looking at a more corporate field, getting an MBA can only help you.
Advance your knowledge, your paycheck, and your skill set by applying for a master’s in business administration. It’s a great stepping stone to success!