Certain skills can be precious in the workforce. If you want to launch your career, a learned skill could help you stand out from other job candidates! These skills are worth developing, whether entering the job market or starting your own business.


Whether you’re looking to enter the construction industry or prefer another trade, construction skills can be precious. From carpentry to roofing, understanding how to build and repair things can lead you to success. If someone wants to create a custom home build or redesign their kitchen, they’ll need help from someone with construction skills!

Mentorships and apprenticeships can be excellent ways to develop construction skills. As an apprentice, you’ll be able to learn the basics of the construction craft. As your skills improve, you may specialize in a specific construction area, such as flooring or masonry.

If an apprenticeship isn’t an option, you could look into other options, like online videos or college courses. No matter how you develop your construction skills, this is a learned skill that you can use in your career and personal life. It’s useful to know how to build and repair things yourself!

Digital Marketing

Companies are strengthening their marketing presence, spending more marketing dollars online. Learning internet marketing skills could qualify you for a job with a top SEO company, but these skills could also help you build your own business. When you understand how to market a business online, you’ll know how to get your business noticed.

While SEO is an important aspect of digital marketing, there are other skills you’ll want to develop, like email and social media marketing. You’ll also want to educate yourself on other marketing channels, such as pay-per-click advertising. When you’re familiar with different types of internet marketing, you can build more effective marketing campaigns.

Digital marketing skills can also look great on a resume. Employers are very interested in candidates with content marketing experience or video content creation. Experience with media buying or traffic acquisition can also be precious. The right set of skills could help you land job interviews!

several online courses can help you develop a learned skill like digital marketing, but these are also skills you can hone on your own. Creating your website is a great way to practice your marketing skills. If you’re able to get your site on the first page of results for your targeted keywords, you should be able to achieve similar results for other businesses.


Welding can join metals, plastics, wood, and more. While welding is an important skill in the construction industry, it’s also used in many other industries, including auto manufacturing and aerospace. With welding skills, you can get a job at a welding company or explore other options.

If you’re interested in learning welding, one of your best options is to enroll in a welder’s training program. The length of these programs can vary, but throughout the program, you’ll have the opportunity to develop all the skills necessary for a successful welding career. As your skills develop, you may focus on a specific field of welding, such as stainless or steel welding.

You’ll likely need to pass a test to work as a welder, so you’ll want to study the welder’s code. Welding is a challenging learned skill that requires time and practice. However, if you discover that welding is something you enjoy, it could eventually become a career you thrive in.


Many people develop art skills as a hobby, but if you train yourself as an artist, you could also turn these skills into a successful career. Focusing on digital art or graphic design will allow you to work with many companies. You can use your art skills to design logos, marketing materials, and more!

Art takes many forms, and numerous art skills could be invaluable to your future career. If you learn photography skills, you could sell stock photos, take portraits, or work as a wedding photographer. Some skills, like stained glass restoration, are rare; taking the time to develop those skills will give you plenty of opportunities.

You can learn art skills by attending art school or taking art courses, but practicing is key to becoming a skilled artist. Whether sketching or sculpting, spending time on your art will help you become a better artist. Over time, you’ll see your skills improve. Many people find it helpful to get feedback from other artists so that they know what they should be working on.

While people often see art as impractical, it can be a valuable skill. Artists work with businesses in many industries and can even work with construction companies. If art is something you love, take the time to develop your skills so you can work as an artist. Once you find your dream career, you’ll be excited to go to work each day!

Real Estate

Selling a home is more challenging than you might think, and finding the right properties can be even harder. The real estate industry can be incredibly lucrative, so developing the skills you need to work in real estate is worthwhile. Whether you decide to work as a local real estate agent or buy and sell properties on your own, you’ll be able to do a lot with the skills you develop.

What kinds of skills do realtors need? One necessary skill is knowledge of real estate markets. The value of properties changes over time, and several factors can influence what a property sells for and how quickly it sells. Realtors that understand local markets will be able to set the right prices for homes and find the best properties to buy.

Another essential skill is negotiation. A talented realtor can negotiate a better offer on behalf of their clients or convince a seller to lower their asking price. With strong negotiation skills, realtors can save thousands of dollars or more. To become a better negotiator, you must improve your communication and emotional intelligence.

The real estate market is hot, so now is a fantastic time to work on this learned skill. What’s particularly useful about real estate skills is that they’re versatile. Once you have these skills, they can be used in many ways. Whether you make real estate investments, work as a property manager, or get a job as a realtor, you’ll have plenty of career opportunities.


Contractors typically handle new home builds and renovations. There are many types of contractors, and you could work as a plumbing contractor or in the construction industry if you develop the right skills. Contractors often supervise other workers, and many contractors have very successful careers.

While working as a contractor requires you to learn the skills of a trade, customer service skills are also necessary. Most contractors spend time working one-on-one with clients. A contractor needs to be able to communicate with clients and confirm that the project they’re working on meets the client’s expectations.

It’s not unusual for a contractor to work their way up in their chosen industry. For example, you might start working for a roofing repair service and eventually become a contractor. If you’ve already learned a trade but are looking for a way to get ahead in your current career, contracting is a learned skill worth looking into.


Legal knowledge can be beneficial, even if you don’t plan on working as a lawyer. When you’re familiar with the law, you can avoid problems and advocate for your rights. While you may still want to consult with a lawyer on certain occasions, like when signing a contract, being familiar with local and federal laws can help you in many ways.

If you pursue a legal job, there are many areas of the law you can specialize in. The law is complex, and most lawyers focus on specific cases. You could work as a divorce lawyer, focus on estate law, or pursue a career in personal injury law. While some lawyers spend time in the courtroom, others spend most of their time doing research or paperwork.

You can study cases and laws independently, but if you want to work as a lawyer, you’ll need to attend law school. After that, you’ll need to study to pass the bar exam. While this can be challenging, legal knowledge is a valuable skill you can use in many ways. If you’re not sure that working as a lawyer is right for you, you can pursue other legal jobs, like a career as a paralegal or a court reporter.

Other legal jobs you may want to consider include court clerk, title examiner, or arbitrator. Before you submit law school applications, start studying the law so that you can identify the areas you’re interested in. From there, you can develop the skills you need for the legal job that you’re interested in.

Beer Brewing

Recently, there’s been an increased demand for craft beers. These beers are made by small, independent breweries that brew beers in small batches. Thanks to these changes in the beer industry, now is a great time to focus on a learned skill like brewing beer!

If you’re interested in breaking into the beer industry, you can start developing your skills right at home! Invest in home brewing supplies and try brewing small batches of beer at home. While your first batch might not be perfect, you can improve your skills, adjust your brews, and learn to create great-tasting beers.

You’ll need brewing skills to start a craft beer company, but you’ll also need business skills to make your company a success. Of course, if you’d prefer to focus on brewing, you can partner with someone that has studied business. With great brews and business acumen, your brews should be able to find an audience.

Brewing is a learned skill that can put you on the path toward a successful career, but it can also be a gratifying hobby. If you’re not satisfied with craft beer companies’ brews right now, why not hone your skills and make brews that you like? You can even share your brews with your family and friends!

Car Repair

Car problems can be frustrating, especially when you don’t know how to diagnose or fix the problem. Learning about auto repair will help you keep your car in great condition. Eventually, as your skills improve, you’ll be able to repair and maintain other people’s vehicles, too.

People depend on their cars, so working as a mechanic or auto service technician can be lucrative. If you choose to work in this career field, you can work in an auto shop or as a mobile mechanic. You could also open your auto shop, allowing you to run your own business.

While mechanics must be familiar with many makes and models, it’s not unusual for auto repair professionals to have specialty areas. Some professionals primarily work on vintage cars or foreign automobiles. Others focus on a specific type of repair work, such as bodywork. As you learn more about auto repair, you can choose the skills you want to develop.

What’s great about auto repair is that it’s a learned skill you can use in your career and personal life. Maintaining and repairing your vehicle will save you a lot of money. Learning these skills could also help you extend the lifespan of your vehicles! It’s a worthwhile skill that will help you in numerous ways.

If you’re trying to find the right career path, consider the skills you’d like to have. Do you wish you knew how to build or repair things? Would you like to learn how to write code? If you pursue a learned skill that you’re passionate about, you should be able to use that skill to kickstart your career!