The Single Biggest Trend In Education Today


Education should never stop once a person graduates from high school or college. No, we should always be learning, whether we are learning in a classroom, online or attending a workshop. Fortunately, continuing education has never been more popular or more available than it is today. And luckily for those of us who work full time jobs and have young children at home to raise, more schools for continuing education than ever are moving toward the web, where they have strong curricula that help position us for better positions and exciting new careers.

Today’s continuing education schools do have physical locations and classroom environments as well for the people who still want to sit and see a teacher in front of them, do classwork there and group work with classmates, and get out of work early to attend these classes. However, as the web is being used more and more for educational purposes more schools are making their programs available online. This is the best news possible for us graduates who still wish to learn more but who simply lack the time to drive to a classroom and take up several hours a week of our time.

Today, a continuing education school looks more virtual than ever, with online classrooms and instructors devoted to educating subjects and students on virtually every subject imaginable. Coursework is no joke here, as these instructors still assign homework and still have tests, only the students are virtual rather than physically there. This is music to the ears of the people who have no time to attend classes and who would much prefer taking these classes online to earn the same kinds of degrees as those attending classroom based courses. The beauty part of these online classes is that many can be taken when people have time, so they never or rarely have to rearrange their schedules to accommodate classwork. They can instead do it on their own time.

Even traditional schools with main campuses and significantly sized undergraduate and graduate degree programs are realizing the beauty of online education. These institutions therefore are adding their own continuing education programs to both capitalize on this growing trend and to spread their knowledge to more people, including those who have long graduated from college or high school. These traditional schools are a bit behind online universities, but their programs are growing in numbers and in stature, making them even more accessible to more people.

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