Three Reasons Why Play Therapy Games Are Helpful for Young Children

Types of child therapy toys

Play therapy games are not just limited to daycare, but can also be used in school, at home, and with a child?s therapist. While play therapy toys are commonly used for toddlers of three years to children as old as twelve, they are actually helpful for any age, including adults. Many people, from therapists to parents, might not be aware of the benefits offered with child play therapy toys. Here are three benefits of using them.

Play Therapy Allows Children to Communicate Through Their Imagination and in Non-Verbal Ways

Some children might feel self-conscious about communicating verbally. For almost 100 years, play therapy games have been used to help children communicate without using words. This can be done using dolls or stuffed animals to act out situations that the child might be experiencing, or through therapy card games. Since most children younger than twelve communicate primarily through playing instead of talking, this method can be very helpful in letting them explain what their feelings are. Therapists and families who make use of child therapy toys will find the many benefits of allowing the child to communicate in a form they feel most comfortable in.

Play Therapy Can Help Children Who Are Going Through a Difficult Time

For children who are watching their parents go through a divorce, have seen a family member die, or are otherwise experiencing a traumatic event in their lives, play therapy offers them a way to deal with their emotions, and process these hard circumstances in their own way. There are child therapy toys that are designed to work with children as they overcome stressful situations. Through the help of a therapist, the children can gain a better understanding of how to work through the process and can eventually build up their self-esteem.

Play Therapy is Useful for Those Who Have ADHD

It has been shown that play therapy is helpful for children who have been diagnosed with ADHD. However, only half of all children who have been diagnosed with this issue receive the behavior therapy they need. Play therapy games can help children feel more calm, and allow them to adjust to their environment in a way that makes sense for them. Play sessions normally last half an hour, but some can last up to an hour. Through the help of a qualified therapist, parents and other caregivers can gain a better understanding of how play therapy benefits their child, and how to incorporate it into their daily life.

Using play therapy games is beneficial for many children undergoing all different types of life circumstances. This can include children who are undergoing difficult life situations such as death or divorce. Play therapy also is useful for those who have ADHD, since it allows their parents to see how this unique therapy helps their life. Finally, most children communicate via play more so than using words, so this is another benefit for parents who are trying to get their child to communicate with them in another way.