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Want to Work With Your Hands? Consider Enrolling in a Trade School

Written by Continuing Education on June 18, 2017. Posted in Culinary arts in florida, Culinary arts schools in miami, Miami culinary institute

Technical schools

Every country needs skilled artisans, technicians, and employees with specialized skills to successfully sustain the economy. That kind of specific knowledge that an HVAC technician or medical assistant has can’t be gained from a more general four-year college program. A pastry chef would waste time, money, and the opportunity to gain real connections in the workforce if he or she didn’t attend a culinary arts program that focused on the applicable skills he or she would need to know. Attending a technical college may be a smart choice if you already know what you want to do with your life and want to join the workforce quickly. It’s also comforting to note that for those who enter a technical college, there’s almost always a guarantee that their

Three Reasons Why Play Therapy Games Are Helpful for Young Children

Written by Continuing Education on June 8, 2017. Posted in Benefits of therapy card games, Sand tray miniatures, Sandplay therapy

Types of child therapy toys

Play therapy games are not just limited to daycare, but can also be used in school, at home, and with a child?s therapist. While play therapy toys are commonly used for toddlers of three years to children as old as twelve, they are actually helpful for any age, including adults. Many people, from therapists to parents, might not be aware of the benefits offered with child play therapy toys. Here are three benefits of using them.

Play Therapy Allows Children to Communicate Through Their Imagination and in Non-Verbal Ways

Some children might feel self-conscious about communicating verbally. For almost 100 years, play therapy games hav

The Benefits of Private Preschools with Full-Day Care

Written by Continuing Education on May 29, 2017. Posted in Day care coconut creek fl, How to get your child ready for preschool, Summer camp in coconut creek

Summer camp in coconut creek

Did you know that private school students usually have higher graduation rates? Furthermore, they are also accepted into college more often than their public school counterparts. When these students also receive an early childhood education in preschool, they are more likely to attain a higher degree of education.

Most preschools are for children that are 3 to 4 years of age. Some private preschools offer part-time classes for a few hours a day between 2 to 5 days a week. An added benefit is that daycare is available for the remaining hours.

There are many advantages to private preschools. Since these schools tend to have smaller campuses and enrollments, children receive more in

HVAC Technician and Other Career Options Available Through a Technical Career Institute

Written by Continuing Education on May 16, 2017. Posted in Ac school in miami, Baking and pastry schools in florida, Technical colleges in miami florida

Ac school in miami

Are you looking for a less-costly alternative to a 4-year degree? Trade schools, as you’re most likely aware, tend to cost an average of $33,000. When compared to the potential cost of an average bachelor’s degree of $127,000, this is a considerable saving. Roughly $94,000, to be more or less exact.

Since you want to attend a program that will prepare you for employment, there are a variety of options available at trade schools. In addition to culinary school, medical billing and coding school, and pharmacy school, there are other programs available at a technical career institute.

You may, for example, be interested in attending an AC school,

The Benefits of Being Multilingual Begin with a Spanish Curriculum for Kids

Written by Continuing Education on April 21, 2017. Posted in Childrens spanish curriculum, Elementary spanish curriculum, Spanish curriculum for kids

Childrens spanish curriculum

As you are likely aware, when children learn how to speak a second language, it’s easier for them to learn a third language. Furthermore, they can learn that third, or perhaps fourth, language even faster.

Children naturally acquire language skills up to the age of 8. Since they acquire these skills through imitation and repetition, songs and games are particularly effective. So, too, are story books.

Foreign language instruction is mandated in many countries by the time children are 8 years old. Students in the United States, however, often don’t receive the opportunity to study a foreign language until they are in junior or senior high school. When they begin learning a second or third language during preschool, however, these students will potentially have 10 to 12 years of experien

Three Considerations to Make When Choosing Preschool for Children

Written by Continuing Education on March 30, 2017. Posted in Daycare edgewater nj, Finding the right preschool, Preschool education activities

Preschool ridgefield nj

Many parents have issues in finding the right preschool for their child to attend. Some parents may have their child enrolled in a daycare for socialization, but want a facility that focuses on education-related activities. Over one half of children in the United States are part of a preschool program. Why should parents enroll their child in a preschool program, through? And what are some of the key points to look for in a preschool that will help increase and develop a young child?s education? Read on the learn about three ways that preschool can help, and how to find the things to look for in a preschool.

Preschool Can Prepare Children for Their First Steps into Grade School

Going into a preschool can set the tone for an overall Continue Reading | No Comments

Adult Education Could It Be The Path For You?

Written by Continuing Education on March 20, 2017. Posted in Master of business administration degree, Medical laboratory science degree, Rhode island college

Bachelors degree

It can be difficult to decide whether or not you should go back to school, especially if you have the kind of responsibilities that most adults do. For many adults, there is no “going back” to school — you’re starting fresh, going to college for the first time. Some, conversely, already have some credits under their belt and want to complete a degree. Others are returning to school to get a higher degree, like a masters degree. No matter what you want, you need to know that it is possible to return to school, even if you aren’t in your twenties anymore. Yes, school does require a certain level of commitment. But many Rhode Island colleges now offer

Private Schools Offer Many Benefits

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Miami day school

For your child’s education, you basically have two choices. You can send him or her to traditional public school or you can opt to have the child attend a private school. Why would families want their children to attend private school, especially when there is a cost involved? There are a variety of reasons. Whatever the reason, the decision can be worth the cost involved, as there are a variety of benefits of private school.

One of the biggest advantages of private school is class size. Most private schools are small, with 86% of them having 300 students or less, and private high schools on average are about half the size of public high schools. That usually translates into sma

Public or Private Elementary SchoolsWeighing the Benefits

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Elementary school in miami

Schools are often in the news these days. Between controversial new curriculums, sports, and budget cuts, there is never a dull moment! Aside from these, a subject that often arises among parents is that all important decision regarding their little one who is just beginning their school years. This is the decision to choose either the local public school, or a private school.

Statistics showed that the 2011-2012 school year saw 449,419 kindergartners enrolled in private schools.This exceeded the number of students enrolled in any other private school grade level for that year. In addition, it is a fact that most private schools, about 87% have less than a total of 300 students. During the 2011-2012 school year, the average number of students among private schools was 146. This

Sending Your Child to a Private High School Might Be One of the Smartest Decisions That You Would Ever Make

Written by Continuing Education on February 1, 2017. Posted in Benefits of private school education, Private high schools in miami, Private schools coral gables


One of the most important decisions that you would have to make during your lifetime is how to educate your child. As a parent, it is your duty to ensure that your child receives the best education possible, and to facilitate this, you have to make some all important decisions at various points of time in the life of your child. All these decisions would need to be well thought out and made after careful research and consideration. One of the most important of these decisions is where to send your child for high school. High school is representative of a time where your child is likely to complete the final phase of school education, receiving important lessons and getting much-needed direction. It is an extremely formative time, which plays a big role in deciding where your child was from there and what career pa