Healthy child development is a combination of many different things. Intellectual, emotional, and physical development all play a role. Physical activity and sports help to develop many aspects of a child’s personality and health. A high-quality preschool will incorporate this into the daily routine. About 50% of three to four-year-olds were enrolled in school, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. Let’s learn about how physical activity and sports help a child develop properly.

Healthy Habits

When young children participate in sports, it helps them to start developing healthy habits. Ideally, these habits will last a lifetime. Most youngsters who participate in organized sports are more physically fit and more active as they grow older, compared to those who don’t. This includes better muscular endurance, strength, agility, and an overall healthier lifestyle. There is also a lower chance that they will develop chronic health conditions later on. Things like heart disease and diabetes are often associated with a lack of physical activity.

Improved Mental Health

Mental health conditions and challenges can affect anyone at any age, but there is research to support the fact that physical activity can help. Children who are active and participating in sports or other physical activities are less likely to experience mental health problems. For those who do have existing mental health issues, physical activity can help control these issues tremendously. During physical activity, a number of chemicals are released into the body. These include endorphins which can boost your mood and reduce stress. Children who are active generally feel better about themselves.

Improved School Performance

When children are more physically active it has a direct effect on their attention span. This is especially true for young children. Your little ones can use the lessons they learn in sports to boost their performance in the classroom.

Better Social Interactions

Sports offer students an opportunity to work on many important social skills. It also gives them a chance to meet new people and form friendships. Sports requires teamwork, which is a skill difficult to teach adequately at home or in the classroom, so this is the perfect option.

These are just a few ways that sports and physical activity help can benefit your preschooler for years to come.