The Benefits of Being Multilingual Begin with a Spanish Curriculum for Kids

Childrens spanish curriculum

As you are likely aware, when children learn how to speak a second language, it’s easier for them to learn a third language. Furthermore, they can learn that third, or perhaps fourth, language even faster.

Children naturally acquire language skills up to the age of 8. Since they acquire these skills through imitation and repetition, songs and games are particularly effective. So, too, are story books.

Foreign language instruction is mandated in many countries by the time children are 8 years old. Students in the United States, however, often don’t receive the opportunity to study a foreign language until they are in junior or senior high school. When they begin learning a second or third language during preschool, however, these students will potentially have 10 to 12 years of experience as opposed to just 4.

Given that Spanish is the official language in 21 countries, and it is the second most-spoken language in the world, it makes sense to provide Spanish curriculum lessons for preschoolers. As they progress with their studies through Kindergarten and beyond, they will have so many opportunities to practice their language skills with classmates, friends, and neighbors.

In addition to being able to travel to Spanish-speaking countries, these children may become inspired to be Spanish teachers themselves! Furthermore, bilingual employees tend to earn an average of 20% more an hour than their monolingual counterparts.

The Summer Institute of Linguistics reports that over 2/3 of children across the globe are bilingual. This is a significant contrast to children in the United States, only 17% of whom speak a second language in addition to English.

Whether you’re a teacher, preschool or elementary school administrator, curriculum department head, school district curriculum department head, or a parent home schooling their children, you want to locate the best and most effective Spanish curriculum for kids. As you know, it’s important to take advantage of this critical time period when language skills come easily and naturally.

Spanish curriculum for kids is a fun way to learn this language. In addition to Spanish story book sets, there are a variety of lessons that will appeal to preschoolers and elementary school children. When these children enter junior and senior high and beyond, they will be able to further develop their speaking, reading, and writing skills. This has the potential to enrich their lives and careers in so many ways.