Connecticut Forges the Way for a United Day Care Standard

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According to a recent 2012 study, only 10 percent of the day care centers in the United states are Nationally accredited. To say that is not good enough might be an understatement. The approximately 3.56 million residents living in Connecticut, 125,100 of whom are single parent families, are glad that 21 percent of the day care centers in CT have met National standards. These families are most appreciative of the importance put on child care in CT. I’m sure the 86,040 single, working mothers that live in the Constitution State appreciate knowing that their hard earned money will be put to good use.

With the amount of quality daycares in CT, it should be fairly easy to find good day care centers in CT. The easiest would be to talk to neighbors, coworkers, or friends with kids who have already researched day care centers in CT. the next step would be to do your own research online, in the paper, and through government channels to check for potential or past issues. With 2,122 day care centers in CT, there is a good chance that you will find good childcare ct.

The average median cost for a school age child in CT is around $103 per week. That means that, while not all day care centers in CT are accredited, the odds of finding an affordable, quality, and nationally accredited childcare center is not that far fetched. In addition to the abundant amount of day care centers in CT, Connecticut reports that there are 7,450 childcare workers throughout the state. Even though the average yearly cost is slightly higher than the national average, it goes to show that the state of Connecticut is heavily invested in putting childcare ahead of many other issues that do not require as much attention. References.