Four Things to KNow About Education at a Boarding School

Boarding schools

Boarding school is something many people don’t consider for their children. Some parents believe it is simply too expensive, whereas others think it’s better suited for children that are problem students. There are many benefits associated with an education at one of these institutions. In fact, there are boarding schools that cater to a wide variety of students, including boarding schools for international students. Here are four things to be aware of when sending children to a boarding school, including their requirements before admission is accepted.

There Are GPA Requirements

Unlike some schools that accept students regardless of their current GPA, many boarding schools have specific requirements. For students that have. Prep boarding schools have specific requirements for students to be admitted since many of these young people have plans of going to college. Although these institutions aren’t low-cost, there are requirements for those looking for financial aid. Normally the GPA must be a minimum of 2.5, and the students need to present a well-rounded academic transcript. Boarding schools for international students have additional requirements, including proof of ability to speak, read, and write English.

Students Who Go to Boarding Schools Possess Strong Motivation

In comparison to students who go to public schools, those who attend prep or private boarding schools are driven to succeed in college. Over 70% fo boarding school students are motivated to succeed, as opposed to just under 50% of public school students. They also focus on other types of studies. Students who are part of a private boarding school spent over 10 hours a week on music studies alone, where public school students spent under that amount. These types of study plans are not only to help the students be their best, but also to get them ready for college studies.

Boarding School Education is Easier Than Ever

It used to be thought that boarding schools were only for people who were very wealthy. All that has changed, thanks to loans that are more affordable than ever for students regardless of their economic background. Private school loans have become more affordable in the past decade. Over 1/4 of all students in private boarding schools receive some form of financial aid, meaning that there is not as much shame as there once was.

Schools Are Serving More Students Than Ever Before

Boarding schools today are serving many young people of all background. This includes boarding schools for international students and those that work with people of all income levels. In the year 2013-14, over 33,000 different types of students were served across the country with the help of a private school. This means there are more educational opportunities for young people across the country without regard to their background. The more young people that are provided with the chance to better their lives, the easier it is for them to rise above their current situation and change their circumstances.