The Benefits of Taking Online Coursework for Personal and Professional Learners


Have you ever participated in an online lecture series? What about home study courses? Whether you love learning for its own sake or want to advance your career, you may want to learn more about the benefits of taking courses online.

The Convenience of Taking Classes Online

Many people choose to take online courses because it’s convenient. This is especially true when someone needs to create a balance between their work, family, and social schedule. A recent survey showed that 68% of the online student participants stated that this was the reason why taking classes online worked for them. Another reason that students may prefer to take classes online is because they can study when and where it is convenient. This was the case with 64% of the online students that participated in the survey.

Personal and Professional Learners

There are two basic types of learners, personal learners and professional learners. Personal learners have engaged in at least one activity within the past year to advance their knowledge in something of personal interest. A recent survey showed that 74% of adults are considered to be personal learners. This is because they engage in these and other types of enriching activities:

  • Reading and research
  • Taking classes
  • Going to relevant meetings
  • Attending events

Professional learners, however, are those that take classes or become involved with some type of career-related training within the past year. The goal of these learners is to enhance their job skills and expertise for the specific purpose of career advancement. Career advancement was the primary motivation for 46% of the survey participants. Since these individuals wanted to advance their current careers, it made sense for them to take online coursework.

By 2020, predications indicate that more than 60% of the available positions will require applicants to have a post-secondary education. Given this, even more individuals will likely be taking online coursework to assist them with obtaining a degree. Approximately 32% of students enrolled in higher education will need to take at least part of their coursework online.

Learn More About the Benefits of Online Learning

Whether you’re a personal learner, professional learner, or both, chances are that you would like to learn more about the benefits of taking classes online. The aforementioned survey found that 87% of personal learners felt more capable and well-rounded due to engaging in a variety of enriching activities. Furthermore, 69% stated that due to being a personal learner, they were more open to new perspectives, and 64% stated that they made new friends as a result. Even though you may be motivated to take classes or engage in additional learning to advance your your career, the goals of personal learners are equally beneficial and may lead to new opportunities.