Graduation Is Only a Year Away Are You Prepared for Life After College?

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Finding a career after college, even some entry level careers, can seem a Sisyphean task. We have all heard the stories of unemployment and job rates being low. It can make finding a career after graduation feel like an impossibility. But, if you plan enough in advance, and work hard enough at it while still in school, you will not need to be stuck finding the right career once you graduate, because you will have it. The following topics are no guarantee that you will be finding a career before you leave college, but they will certainly put you leaps and bounds above much of the competition.

1. Resume

Your resume is not something that you should start working on as the summer of graduation comes to a close. It should be completely up to date with all of your experience and education by the start of your last semester at the latest. And you should be using it then too.

Think about high school. You did not apply to colleges the summer after graduation. You had to apply by the winter before. You should be planning far enough in advance that there is no gap between school and work. And showing that much forethought and initiative is sure to get you brownie points with the potential boss.

2. Network

Along with doling out resumes, the final year of school should be your networking year. If there is someone at school who has connections in your field outside of the university, buddy up to them. Get names, email addresses, get invited to parties to schmooze.

Do not be afraid to drop your professor’s name in conversation. The business world is all about connections. You should show off that you have them. The more you rub shoulders with people prior to graduation, the more likely they are to remember you when a position happens to open up.

3. Social Media

This is partly to get you to set up a LinkedIn and Google Plus profile, because you might not have those at this point. Those are part of the networking, and can be very important. Consider them as virtual, interactive resumes. But this is mostly a warning. Now is the time to go back through your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and whatever other social media outlet you use, and clean it up.

No matter the field, recruiters are searching out prospective clients to see what their social media presence is. You can be assured that, regardless of credentials, you are not going to be getting a teaching job with pictures on your Facebook wall from a keg party freshman year. Make your overall social media presence as professional and presentable as you are when you walk in for an interview.

Getting into school was the hard part. You tackled that and excelled impressively in your education. But, by senior year, it is time to start looking ahead. By being prepared, working hard to prove your talent, and making the right decisions far enough in advance, you will be ready for the work force and hired long before your peers even consider it. Good references here.

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