Minecraft users considering adding a voice chat can learn a few insights from this video. Simple voice servers are a Minecraft mod that facilitates voice communication during a game without using external software. Proximity chat is a core feature of this mod.

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It allows players to listen to the voice of other players and determine the sound’s direction. Players using Fabric and Forge can access this mod. Players install the mod on their client before joining the server. Players should start by downloading the simple chat voice mod to install simple voice servers using Fabric or Forge.
It’s crucial to ensure the file is compatible with the server version. Launch the control panel and proceed to Files and FTP File Access, then initiate the mods directory. Click Upload on the page’s left side, upload the simple voice servers JAR file, and restart the server to configure the simple voice servers in Forge. Players should stop their servers and proceed to Files, then FTP Access File. Go to //serverconfig. And edit the voicechat-server.toml. file. Navigate to the =24454 line port and change it to match the server’s port. The port is available in the Server Address, which players can access through the control panel. Click save and restart the server.