One very important piece in machining applications is a barfeeder. When it comes to bar feeders, Haas is one of the leading brands, known for quality and reliability. Their feeders are packed with a variety of features while remaining relatively compact and easy to set up.

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In fact, a Haas bar feeder can often be set up in an hour or less.

Changing a liner is extremely easy with the right Haas bar feeder. Much of the system is designed to operate with just a gentle push. Accessing the liner is also easy, which means you can change out diameters quickly to work with new materials.

The Haas barfeeder also offers a convenient storage area for liners. This means that they are always on hand and easy to use. Some Haas bar feeders are equipped with optical sensors that allow you to use random-sized bars as needed. The sensor will automatically adjust.

Ultimately, however, if it’s not broken, it doesn’t need to be fixed. Haas offers similar familiar and time-tested controls for its older and newer bar feeders. That’s because the interface is already easy to use and many working professionals are comfortable and familiar with it.

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