In a recent YouTube video titled Sausage Making Equipment Update by Home In The Sticks, Dan discusses making green onion sausage and how he maintains the sausage making equipment. The location is rural East Central Mississippi. Dan called his friend to help him make several pounds of green onion sausage at his home. They made the green onion sausage using his Haaka Brother Sausage Stuffer, Weston 8 Meat Grinder, and sausage stuffer supplies.

Dan discussed why his three-year-old Haaka Brother Sausage Stuffer looked brand new and how he kept it working well. He likes the sausage stuffer but wishes he had bought a larger model.

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He maintains the sausage stuffer and grinder by washing all parts after use. Finally, he sprays all the mechanical parts with food grade silicone spray. He says this keeps the machines working well. He has processed over four hundred pounds of sausage through both machines and using sausage stuffer supplies.

He uses a Food Saver to vacuum seal his seasoning for the sausage and seals the sausage to freeze. Vacuum sealing the seasonings keeps it fresh and it lasts a long time. When the sausage is vacuum sealed, it can be frozen and used all year long. Before he vacuum packs the sausage, he leaves it in the refrigerator for 24 hours. He vacuums seals the sausage in bags that belong his sausage stuffer supplies.


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