Treating alcohol addiction is not an easy task. Many addicts are prone to relapse, hampering or self-destructing their recovery process. This video by Stanford Center for Health Education explains the intricacies of treating alcohol addiction, including the withdrawal symptoms that come with acute withdrawal. Continue reading to learn more about the process of detoxing from a professional detox doctor.

The detox doctor explains that alcohol withdrawal, if not done properly, can be life-threatening.

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You could have seizures and delirium tremens from withdrawal, and if you don’t get immediate treatment, it can be fatal. Therefore, all forms of alcohol withdrawal should be guided by medical advice and evaluation.

As you start your detox process, you should know that treatment for alcohol addiction is different from treatment for alcohol withdrawal symptoms. There are specific medications that help treat seizures and other withdrawal symptoms. There are different treatments for the addiction itself.

As a biopsychosocial disease, treatment for alcohol addiction is also biopsychosocial. This means that medication should be subscribed to help minimize cravings for alcohol, along with group psychotherapy and changing the addict’s environment.

To learn more about treating alcoholism through the detoxifying process from a medical professional, consult the video we have linked above.