Getting injured at work sets off a complicated chain reaction of events that most workers simply aren’t prepared to handle on their own. If you don’t handle the process of reporting your injuries correctly, you could be unable to get the most out of your workers compensation claims down the line. To get through the system without shorting yourself the compensation you deserve, you need to work with a workers compensation lawyer to avoid the worst mistakes.

First, it’s essential to make sure you tell every doctor you see that you got injured at work.

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This ensures your medical team creates a strong chain of documentation about your injuries.

Next, it’s important not to reject the workers compensation doctor. You may not like the physician assigned to you for your case, but you need to play along with the system to get the best results. A workers compensation lawyer can help you navigate these issues and get the best possible care down the line.

Eventually, you will be given an award agreement. While this may seem like a trap, it’s actually an essential part of the process. Your lawyer will almost certainly recommend that you sign this document.