The engagement ring is the most iconic symbol of love in our society today. In fact, it’s synonymous with love, but what are its origins?

According to, Bijou Diamond Jewellery, the first form of the engagement ring is found in ancient Rome. During these times a gold band was the most common form that was used.

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The Romans put these rings on the ring finger of their left hands because they thought there was a direct vein that went from the heart to that finger.

In the year 1477, Maximillian the first was the first recorded person to give a diamond engagement ring to his fiancé. The diamond ring of course is the most common form of engagement today.

As we move forward in time we get to a point where the first movie stars are appearing. Jewelry companies were able to capitalize on this fame by using them in their advertisements. Seeing their favorite movie stars with jewelry and more specifically, diamond rings ignited a higher interest in jewelry as a whole.

Overall, the origin of engagement rings runs deep. If you ever find yourself looking for an engagement ring you can remember that the Romans started it all.