If you own a building or run a business, you need to be concerned about your fire safety. Not only is it illegal to not have fire safety systems in place, but it’s also dangerous for your employees, products, and data. Keep reading to learn more about the responsibilities of a fire sprinkler system designer.

Fire safety system designers have the important job of keeping your manufacturing floor or data storage center safe. You’ll provide them with the layout of the floor and provide more details about the space.

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Then, they can accurately design the fire suppression system to keep everything safe and up-to-code.

These designers will work with you whether you want standard sprinklers, fire extinguishers, or spray fire suppressors. The latter is great for data storage centers, as water will damage your databases. You can ask the designers for their opinion about what is best for your building.

To learn more about the FM-200 Piston Flow Fire Suppression System, watch the video in this article. It gives great insight into this specific system, something you might be interested in getting. Then, call a fire safety company to get started with your fire suppression design today!