Tips and Tricks for Screen Printing Your Own T- shirts

If you are interested in learning more about the process of T-shirt printing, consider According to some research, the custom t-shirt printing market is estimated to have a value of $6.9 Billion by the year 2027. Apparel printing is a unique skill to have, especially if you are able to perfect the craft yourself. Tshirt printing materials can be purchased through a laminating equipment company that offers things like clear transparencies for getting the job done right. Transparencies for screen printing are defined as clear sheets of transparency film that can be printed on T-shirts to create a design or visual using different-sized laminating sheets. The light exposes and hardens the material that is creating the design, and the ink has to transfer onto the shirt or fabric. You will want to layout your shirt and place the screen over top, then add a thick layer of screen printing ink over the design. You want to line up the screen in the center, to be sure the logo or design is properly aligned onto the T-shirt. For more information, contact a laminating equipment supplier for the right supplies you need to complete your project.

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