When children become old enough to finally attend school, many are ecstatic and excited to begin a new chapter in their life. This excitement can easily be forgotten once they find themselves lost within the masses of students also attending school. For some, this can produce feelings of anxiety and fear. It can be hard for students to make friends because there are so many other students not only in the school, but also in their class. Parents concerned about this change and their children will be relieved to know that large public schools are not their only option when it comes to schooling. Other options such as homeschooling, charter schools and private schools such as a private elementary school or a private Christian academy can all be options for them. Below we discuss some of the benefits for parents with children of any age looking to explore their options when it comes to Christian private schools and other private school options.


Student and Student Relationships


When children are in a classroom that is smaller in size they typically make friends easier and get to know the other children in their classes better. This helps encourage not only friendships but empathy and lasting relationships. An astonishing amount, 21%, of teachers in public schools state that empathy between students is a problem yet private schools with smaller class sizes only have roughly 4% of teachers reporting this problem. These skills, while learned in elementary school, can carry over and be extremely beneficial when children enter different grades such as middle school. Children attending middle school are exposed to more stressful situations compared with their peers in elementary. This often leads to mixed feelings of depression and anger coupled with trying to fit in. Students who show empathy and know their classmates better can often notice changes in their peers to help alleviate smaller problems before they become larger problems. A smaller school setting, such as that you will find in private Christian middle school, faith based middle schools and other private middle schools, allows children to better focus on their peers and see when changes arise.


Student and Teacher Relationships


Teachers are the key to effective teaching, and getting to know their students can help them tailor learning needs to each individual student. When teachers are overwhelmed with eight classes each having 30 to 40 kids, it can be hard for them to meet each individual student’s needs. It can also be hard to develop the important student-teacher relationship needed for teachers to be trusted by the student allowing them to be comfortable enough to make mistakes and try during the learning process. Smaller class sizes, such as those that you will find in private Christian middle schools and high schools and other private school settings, allow teachers to form this relationship. Students excel academically when they trust the teacher and know that they care about their education just as much as they want students to.


Collaboration and Thinking Outside the Box


Teachers who teach smaller classes have the opportunity to extend lessons past worksheets. They can offer labs and projects requiring students to interact. When students are in a smaller setting, they are more likely to interact and talk to their peers. Teachers dealing with smaller classes can plan these activities and projects more frequently compared with those dealing with a larger classroom setting.


As you can see the class sizes that you get from smaller school setting such as private Christian schools and charter schools are beneficial not only to the students but those teaching these students as well. Many parents weight the benefits of added costs for their children to attend schools like a Christian middle school, but they soon find the benefits outweigh the cost. When students excel in charter schools, private Christian middle schools and other faith based private schools parents, students and teachers all feel the excitement and accomplishments together as a team. Other schooling options are available, so researching all of your options is recommended before sending your child to school. Once equipped with all the information needed, you make the best choice when it comes to your child.