The Benefits Of Taking An Online Course

There are many viable ways to study and get an education, but learning from home and taking online classes from home or elsewhere outside of the classroom makes accessible in a way that it had not been before the advent of the internet. There are many reasons to take classes from home, and classes based from an online platform are only growing in popularity as the years pass.

One reason that a person may choose to learn from home is a busy work, social, and familial life. In fact, nearly seventy percent of all students taking primarily online classes said that they do so because it allows them to have a better balance in their life between school and other obligations such as family and friends as well as their work. And nearly sixty five percent of all online learners like working through an online platform because it allows them the convenience of getting their work done wherever it makes the most sense. In fact, if you’re an online student you can go to class from your own bed in your home – even in your pajamas (though it is not unheard of for a student at a traditional college to go to a lecture in pajamas as well, particularly in early morning classes).

There are even more reasons to pursue online working, though working from home is one of the major ones. For example, more than forty five percent of primarily online learners already have their degrees or some form of certification and are simply looking to gain more experience to further their careers than would have been possible without it. As more than half of all jobs are expected to require a post secondary education of some form by 2020, just two short years from now, it is important to get access to education while you can. And more than thirty percent of students going to a traditional brick and mortar school will take at least one online class during their years in school, if even just for the convenience of it or to get that credit out of the way (this is a particularly useful strategy for classes that fall under general education).

There are many reasons that people choose to pursue the furthering of their education in the first place. The first type of people pursuing education are called professional learners, and they make up more than sixty percent of online students learning from home. These professional learners are taking classes with the express purpose of furthering their careers. But personal learners, who make up at least seventy four percent of all online learners, learn simply for the sake of growing their minds, simply for the enjoyment that learning brings.

Personal learners often take many different things away from their time as an online learner, such as a greater sense of community and new skills. In fact, nearly forty percent of all personal learners want to attempt to take a hobby, learn more about it from the comfort of their home through an online course, and change that hobby into a career or a business that can earn them income. Nearly sixty five percent of all personal learners found that they were able to develop new friendships through their learning, either directly through their online class or through opportunities that their recently advanced education granted them. And still other personal learners – more than thirty percent of them – were just looking to keep up in a rapidly advancing world and had found that they were no longer able to keep up with the work of their children and the homework of their grandchildren. Therefore, taking an online class without having to leave home is often the perfect solution.

From personal learning to professional learning, online education helps to make post secondary education more accessible than it has ever been before. The ability to learn online is beneficial in a number of ways, from letting people work from the comfort of home to helping them balance numerous aspects and responsibilities in their lives, from family to careers. Online learning is truly for everyone.