In this video, you will learn about workplace diversity. Diversity and inclusion are becoming more and more prevalent in the workplace as the retirement age is getting higher and people from all kinds of diverse backgrounds are joining corporations. Many companies will talk about diversity, but not actually put anything in place to be able to say their making steps in the right direction. Diversity should be taught frequently, as there are a lot of ways discrimination can exist in the workplace.

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Oftentimes, when people think about discrimination, they only think about race. In fact, discrimination can exist towards all characteristics of a person. Some examples are income, education, religion, and gender. There are countless ways someone can be discriminated against, which is why teaching diversity in the workplace is so important. It is also proven that workplaces that are more diverse are more successful. The reason is, when you bring people from all different backgrounds, there is room for many different ideas. There is a lot to know about diversity in the workplace. Keep watching this video to learn more.

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