There are many things construction workers need to be mindful of when working on the job site- whether that is a huge outdoor space or a job inside a home. One of the most critical things workers need to watch for at all times is safety hazards, especially when it comes to lifting and moving heavy and cumbersome objects. This YouTube video does just that and focuses on a single specific aspect of stonework construction- safety when moving stone slabs and other materials.

Created by stone industry safety experts, this very informative video showcases best practices for safe stone slab handling.

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As part of a large video training and certification class, this video is a great way to introduce key safety ideas to workers and team members. It includes recommended practices and tips for stone slab work from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). It also touches on the hazards of not following proper procedures. The information contained here is very important and can help improve safety a well as performance on the job site and is well worth watching!.