Why Online Education is the Next Best Thing

Online leadership degree

With the shift from traditional to everything digital in the last few years, it is no surprise that even traditional education has begun to transition into the world of online learning. While some are not convinced, some of the top ranked programs are top ranked online MBA programs.

Distance learning and online degree programs allow students to qualify for the same financial aid as traditional on campus learning experiences, and are every bit as accredited as on campus learning programs. Accredited online mba program rankings have only seen an increase in recent years, as well as online doctor of business administration,online dba, and online leadership degrees.

On average, those who graduate from an MBA program earn $10,000 to $20,000 more per year than students holding a Bachelors degree, and there is little to no difference in the learning curriculum of traditional mba programs and online mba programs. Top ranked online MBA programs reflect the same benefits as their traditional counterparts, in that In 2010, the median starting salary for an MBA degree holder was nearly $80,000 per year, for both online and traditional MBA holders.

If you are still not convinced, hybrid MBA programs are a mix between the two. Hybrid programs offer half of the class online, and the other half in a traditional classroom setting. Accredited and top ranked online MBA programs offer hybrid classes for a more well rounded experience, for those who may be missing the traditional aspects of education.