Five Reasons to Pursue a College Degree

English degree

Earning a college degree is not necessarily a requirement of “the American dream,” but it has opened up countless opportunities for people of all backgrounds and ages. There’s no wrong time to pursue an education!

Whether you’re 19 or 45, you can begin the path to a bachelors or masters degree today. Still on the fence? Here are five reasons you should consider pursuing a college degree.

Make More Money

It’s no lie that a college education is an investment, but it’s one that creates serious benefits. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to earn a STEM degree to be successful in the world. A human development degree can provide just as many, if not even more, opportunities for you. Not only that, but with any college degree, you can more easily attain a job with higher pay.

Family Benefits

While higher pay is definitely a benefit of a college degree, there are other ways that college programs and degrees can benefit your family. These are mainly employment benefits, and can include health care, retirement investment, travel, and other perks. These types of benefits are rarely offered for jobs that only require a high school-level education.

More Career Opportunities

Just as an individual with a human development degree can dive into any number of educating, counseling, or clinical research positions, so can any other major in a related field. Your degree doesn’t limit you to one career path; it opens up new doors to related paths that you may have never considered before.

Job Security

If you’re operating at a higher level position in your career, odds are you’ll have more job stability as well. While people who have trades can join worker’s unions and start businesses, a degree holder can enter the field they choose with knowledge that makes them valuable for the duration of their career.

College education is an investment not only in your knowledge, but in your future as well. This kind of education can open up doors to countless opportunities, as well as help you set a higher standard for living and building a career. The best part is there’s no age limit placed on learning new things and creating a better life.