Challenge Your Child With the Rigorous Curriculum of a Private School Education

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Discussions about the right schools for our children seem to start a younger age every year. There are even some discussions about the right preschool to send our toddlers to! And while it might seem a bit ridiculous, the debate comes from a good place — we all want our children to be successful and to get the best start in life possible. Pretty much everyone agrees that this kind of success starts in our schools. Many argue the benefits of private school education far outweigh the costs of paying for a private school education, especially in larger cities where many public schools are often sadly underfunded. A private school education can often be key for getting into certain colleges and the rigorous academic curriculum, smaller classroom sizes, and teacher dedication are benefits of private school education that parents have in mind when they choose a school for their children.
How Many Kids Are In Private Schools and How Do They Rate Compared to Public Schools?
Compared to public schools, private schools have a much smaller enrollment size. Over 85% of private schools have under 300 students. The 30,861 private schools in the United States have about five million students enrolled from grades Pre-K to 12th grade and comprise about a quarter of the nation’s schools overall. About 10% of students nationwide attend private school. Though when people think of private schools, many think of an all-girls’ or all-boys’ institution, only about 4% (divided fairly evenly between girls’ and boys’ establishments) are divided. The other 96% are co-educational.
Private schools have an almost 100% rating for a graduation rate for high school seniors, based on data from fall of 2010 to fall of 2011. Around 65% of those 2011 graduates attended college by fall of 2011 and NCES data shows that around 90% of private high school students apply for college. This is compared to under 60% of public high school students who apply college as high school seniors.
What Are Some Benefits of Private School Education?
Private schools are notorious for encouraging a much stricter and advanced curriculum than private schools. Part of this is due to their smaller and more selective enrollment process. Public school classroom sizes are bigger by necessity and learning levels can range from very basic to advanced in all classes. Public school teachers must tailor their lesson plans to reach every student in the classroom as best they can, which can often mean that more advanced students are not as challenged as they could be.
Private schools often require tests or other admission procedures to determine if a student is eligible to be in the schools. This means that most students are operating along the same level as their peers, which allows teachers to push them further.
In a private school, each teacher is responsible for about 12.5 students, versus 15.4 students in a public school, which also lets teachers have more personalized interactions with students. More one-on-one time can also help children reach their full learning potential.
Teacher dedication and school safety are common benefits of private school education that are cited by parents. The Fraser Institution conducted a study in 2007 that showed over 90% of parents cited teacher dedication as a primary reason why they wanted their child in a private school. Around 80% were happy with the academic standards that private schools offered their children.
How Can My Child Get Into a Private School?
Research a few different private schools and see what their application is like. What kind of tests will your child have to take? Do extracurriculars or a specific religious affiliation factor in to the admissions process? Do school visits and talk to admissions counselors to see what school might be the best fit for your child. Schools may also suggest study guides for your child to prepare for the tests.
Get your child ahead with a private school education today! There are many advantages to having your child enrolled in a private school and they may make lifelong friends and important connections, in addition to receiving an advanced education that will prepare them for college and beyond!