Increase Your Earnings With a Master’s Degree

Masters in medical laboratory science

It’s never too late to go back to school and further your education, especially if you’re looking to get your masters degree in adult education. This type of degree is all you need to develop the skills needed to work with and teach adult learners in various environments, including community college, corporate training events, and professional development events. It’s a skill set that few possess, and is rising in demand. As an added bonus, a masters degree in adult education will help ensure you obtain greater wealth throughout your life. Recent Pew Research reports show that the average annual earnings for those with bachelor’s degrees is $45,000, much more than the $30,000 that people with only some college make, and the $28,00 that those with only high school diplomas make. Having a master’s degree would just open up more opportunities to earn more.

In fact, the cost advantages of going to college and obtaining degrees far outweigh not going to school. In fact, it’s estimated that not going to college costs individuals about half a million dollars in wages, 401ks, and other potential earnings. And people across the country agree, especially when you consider that people with bachelor’s and master’s degrees made an average of 98 percent more an hour in 2013 than those without any type of degree. Additionally, a whopping 83% of college graduates admit that their degrees have paid off in the long run.

Other than getting a masters degree in adult education
, what are students going to school for? Well, out of the more than 21 million students who enrolled in college in 2014, 11% majored in history while 6% obtained a psychology degree. There are countless other majors to choose from, all with varying levels of earning potential. It’s up to the individual student to decide just how important money is to them before choosing a career path. Some popular majors some choose that offer high earning potential include nursing, engineering, business, and more. Completing a masters program only increases your earning potential even more.

What are you waiting for? Nowadays, people of all ages are going back to school to pursue their dreams and passion. What are you waiting for? Enroll today.