Knowing Your Options When it Comes to Preschool for Your Child

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Many parents are faced with the decision of whether to put their child into early education centers that coincide with a day care center, or whether to stay away from day care centers and put their child in a stand alone preschool program. Some of the schools offer a preschool program along with a pre kindergarten program, and these programs benefit children 3-5 years of age and prepare them for school. Approximately two-thirds of children four years old attend some form of preschool in the United States. These centers include preschool programs offered at a day care center, private preschools and preschool programs that are linked with the local schools.

Research has shown that preschool holds many benefits for children and prepares them to enter school. Preschool has been shown to improve the reading and math skills of children in kindergarten and also improves their language and memory skills. Preparing your little one for school should be important for parents, and choosing the right preschool is just as important.

If you child has attended a day care center and that daycare center offers a preschool program then your child will benefit from staying at the day care center to continue their learning through preschool. Most likely they are already used to the program and to the teachers, so there is no reason to change things up. They will be more comfortable, more ready to learn and will generally be used to the routine that is used throughout the day care facility for all the children no matter their age.

If your child has not attended a day care facility then there are a few options to choose from. Of course finding a day care facility is always an option. Check to see which centers offer the best pricing for what you need. Visit the facility and get a feel for their preschool program. Ask to watch how the teachers interact with the children and see what the lesson plans entail. Getting a feeling for the teacher will help you feel better about which one is best.

If you are going to pay for preschool services and are not quite sure about choosing day care center based preschool options, then there are private preschool options for your little one. Many private school offer a preschool program for children 3-5 years old. These programs are usually based on the private schools curriculum so that the child is immersed in curriculum which the school will continue to teach beyond preschool. Make sure to check out the private school and visit it. Some private schools include religious services in their teaching, make sure that you are aware of the services and comfortable with your child attending those services.

Some preschool programs offered within the public school systems offer full day preschool while some offer only half day preschool. These programs are usually funded by government money meaning that families must fall within income guidelines in order to qualify for the services. These programs offer curriculum that is based on what children will learn once they pass preschool and begin kindergarten. These programs are just as good as other preschool programs and offer the same enrichment that day care preschools and private preschools offer.

Choosing preschool for your child is a smart step considering all of the constant changes that are being made to the current curriculum. Learning is becoming harder as children are expected to grasp concepts at a much quicker rate than previous years. No matter which preschool you choose for your child, the benefits will be great. One simple step during he preschool years can set your child up for a lifetime of good learning skills.