Many people experience significant roadblocks as they try to educate themselves. When you were a child in school, did you struggle to read? If you read slowly and became fatigued quickly from reading, you could have been struggling with convergence insufficiency.

Convergence insufficiency is a medical problem with your eyes.

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People with this visual dysfunction have trouble focusing their vision. When reading, they may see the letters overlapping each other like they are experiencing double vision, or they may never be able to get them to focus clearly on the page. If this sounds like you, you don’t have to keep struggling to read as you seek to continue your education — you can benefit from optometric vision therapy.

Optometric vision therapy is a patient-centered approach to overcoming visual dysfunctions like convergence insufficiency. If you visit your eye doctor and explain that you have problems getting letters or objects close to your eyes to focus, they can help you by creating a unique therapy plan to help your vision improve. The end goal of this type of therapy is for you to be able to focus on small objects close to your face without conscious effort.