Understanding the complicated and often convoluted process involved with PCP billing and coding practices can seem like a harrowing task. All the codes, requirements, processes, and regulations make it so even the smallest mistake can lead to problems. Many claims get denied due to errors with PCP billing and coding. This YouTube video touches on this vital medical service and highlights some of the things billers and coders need to be aware of and watch for in their daily work flows.

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The video serves are a great starting point for those new to this career niche and who are having issues with high denials and claim issues.

Following the steps and remembering the points outlined by the presenter can help eliminate a large number of errors commonly seen. If you are new to medical PCP billing and coding or have been doing it for years and just need a quick refresher, this is a great video to check out. The information is presented in a clear and easy to understand manner and is perfect for a quick introduction to billing and coding. Check it out for yourself today!.