If you work in the industry, then you probably already know what live floor trailers are. Otherwise, you may find yourself wondering what live floor trailers could be after seeing an ad or reading the word in your local newspaper. In short, these trailers are used to store and transport large quantities of things back and forth.

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You’ve probably seen many live floor trailers driving alongside you on the highway. Or, more accurately, getting passed by you on the highway.

A live floor, or walking floor trailer, actually does most of the heavy work for you. All you have to do is load the contents into the front of the trailer, and the floor itself will actually move the product to the back of the trailer. That means you don’t have to climb in and juggle around everything yourself: the trailer does it for you. This makes transporting and storing these goods that much easier!

You can find these trailers in use in the agricultural sector, the lumber sector, the mulch sector, the waste sector, and the aggregate sector! There are also many other sectors that use this technology. Find out more by finishing the video linked above!

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