Garage doors are like any piece of machinery. It needs regular maintenance to keep working smoothly, and to minimize the chances of needing to hire a garage door service for repairs. Here are some tips for garage door maintenance from HouseImprovements.

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To keep garage doors from making odd noises and to keep on running smoothly, use white lithium grease every three months. WD-40 just does not lubricate as well. White lithium grease is especially good where metal rubs against metal, such as the pivot points, ball bearings, and outside rollers. Be sure to wear eye protection, especially on windy days. A brief spray is all you need. Clean up any drips or overspray with a rag.

Use a ladder to get the pivot points and rollers on the ceiling. Spray anywhere metal rubs against metal. Try to avoid having your head directly under where you will spray, since it may drip on your face. While spraying, make sure there isn’t any debris in the rollers, such as leaves or plastic shopping bags.

After application, open and close the garage door a few times. This helps to work the grease in well.

Garage doors should be washed regularly with a gentle all-purpose cleaner. Some people like to wash the garage door right after washing the car. Any rust spots need to be sanded, primed and painted, or the rust will go all the way through the door.

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