In this video, you will learn that some pharmaceutical corporations use the Covid-19 pandemic to generate outstanding profits by holding back patents to mass produce medications. Instead of giving patents to free Covid tests and treatments, these corporations hold back patents to their medical innovations, which causes a high demand and low supply. This results in costly medications that are only accessible to the wealthy while the rest of the world suffers unnecessary deaths.

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Drug companies can prevent mass deaths of the pandemic by not imposing patents on the medications of Covid-19. A patent ideally stops other producers from manufacturing the same product. Without a patent, generic lower-cost medicines can be mass produced to treat more people worldwide. If the pharmaceuticals are unwilling to do this, governments must stand up and refuse to issue the patents or override the current patents. This will help in producing more medications for more people. The MSF-USA urges everyone to join them and demand that corporations not enforce patents on any tests, treatments, or vaccines for Covid-19. Medical innovations such as free Covid tests need to be made available for everyone’s benefit.
This short informative, and enlightening video highlights the Covid medication dilemma with pharmaceuticals. Watch it to learn more.