As a high school graduate, you should consider your career choices, which is often the most difficult decision a teen has to make. Not all educational avenues have similar results when it comes to earning potential. Some trades offer high wages relative to the cost of training, while others take a more holistic approach that values arts or trades equally with academics. Here are some of the best paying trades to get into after high school.

Dental Hygienist

A dental hygienist is one of the best paying trades to get into after high school. The dental hygienist is tasked with making sure that patients have cleaner, healthier teeth and gums. They do this by taking care of tasks like x-rays, cleaning teeth, and giving preventative tips.

Those who want to specialize in family dentistry and get the higher salaries that come with the career should take advantage of the educational opportunities. It’ll allow them to become licensed as fast as possible and start making money while still in school. Many schools offer courses in this field, so students should find one they feel comfortable with and can go through quickly.

There are no fundamental specific skills that dental hygienist has as they are in charge of keeping the teeth and gums healthy. Those who want to take on this career should learn as much as possible about this field and everything they need to know before entering it.

By taking the proper steps and learning all of the general concepts behind the profession, you can get the business running and make some serious money. Since many jobs are available within the industry, dental hygienists have always been a well-paid trade in high demand.

Engineering Technician

An engineering technician is a good option for the best paying trades to get into after school. The engineering technician is someone who assists engineers in the design and manufacture of products.

Becoming an engineering technician is not that hard as you need to have a relevant diploma/certificate and some work experience. But, it will take years to become a fully qualified engineer technician. You can work as you study, or if you want to study full-time, you need also be prepared to live on a low salary or save up before starting your studies.

A civil engineer company needs some significant engineering fields, such as metallurgy and mining engineering technicians. There may be some other engineering technician jobs that companies need to complete, including a light field engineer technician. This type of engineer technician is a good one because you can do this in an office setting. You’ll have a computer and some electronic devices, but you’ll also be doing other tasks. The pay rate is average to above average, depending upon the company.

Electrical engineers are in demand, so this is an excellent job for someone considering the best paying trades to get into after high school. It’s very secure, and you can start at a higher salary than other trades, which is good if you’re starting. It also has a high demand, and the salary will grow depending on the company you work for.

Construction Worker

Construction work is one of the best paying trades to get into after high school. It also has a lot of job openings, meaning that if you can’t find a job in the construction industry, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from in other industries. You can learn all about various tradespeople and apprenticeship programs that contractors offer.

Working in a building restoration company could be the right fit if you have a talent for hands-on work and enjoy working with tools and your hands. Working with your hands instead of relying on machines is an excellent way to get a feel for things. It’s also a good career option if you are looking for something with continuous training opportunities and advancement chances. You can make lots of money and have a lot of flexibility. The only downside is you’ll have to be willing to take on the occasional dangerous job, but not everyone has that ability.

If you’re looking for the best paying trades to get into, construction work is an excellent alternative to other more conventional options that require many years of education. Construction work can be dangerous and demanding, so make sure you’re ready before diving into it.


There are many best paying trades to get into after high school. Some of these trades require you to go to a trade school for training, but many others do not. The main job of a mason is masonry. Masonry includes everything from building walls and patios to roof and general framer work. It is not limited to just buildings, as you can use masonry restoration for anything that needs to be built with cement.

Working in a masonry business involves working on buildings. Typically these are big projects such as remodeling an old building into a new one or constructing an addition to an existing home. Some jobs will require you to do commercial work, such as building a commercial building or even apartment complexes. There are various jobs when it comes to masonry that you can get into after high school. You can learn to be a mason on the job, or you can get trained at a trade school.

You can learn to be a mason by starting as an assistant in a masonry company. You will be working with a full-time mason doing whatever they do and learning as you go. After you are comfortable with what you are doing, you can become a journeyman and work independently. It will take time to get to this point, but it is worth it. On the other hand, if you don’t want to wait that long, you can always attend trade school and graduate early. Some trade schools offer classes in masonry so that when you graduate, you have all of the skills necessary for the job and know everything about it.

Landscape Designer

One of the best paying trades to get into is landscape design. Landscaping is the art and science of developing and maintaining outdoor areas by shaping the environment or caring for plants, trees, or turf.

The landscape designer develops and implements the plan throughout the project and is often responsible for supervising all aspects of landscape design and construction, including planning, budgeting, site selection, soil analysis, bidding, and construction.

Landscape designers are responsible for planning and implementing diverse elements, including landscaping, planting material, irrigation systems, utilities, fences, signs, and graphics, to create an aesthetically pleasing and functional public space. In most cases, this includes using plants, landscape materials such as concrete or asphalt, water features, lighting, and turf. Landscape designers also work with architects on interiorscapes as part of a larger design team.

HVAC Technician

HVAC technicians are essential for building and structures’ safe and comfortable indoor climate. They install, inspect, maintain, evaluate, test, and repair heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems. An HVAC technician is a good option if you are looking for the best paying trades to get into after high school.

HVAC technicians work in various industries, including hotels and motels, hospitals, nursing homes, health clubs, schools, and colleges. Generally, this trade is expected to grow faster than average as demand increases for heating and cooling service techs to install, maintain and repair HVAC systems.

Most states require licensing certification for technicians who work in the field. To get a license, potential technicians must complete an apprentice program, an HVAC program at a community college, or a four-year college. They also need to pass state exams. Prospective technicians can also get certification by passing a national exam.

HVAC professionals are essential to society because they provide professional services that make people’s lives easier. People rely on heating and air conditioning services, especially during the high summer or when winter winds blow uninvited. These professionals ensure people are comfortable during their downtime by installing or maintaining HVAC systems. So an air conditioning company needs a stable stream of clients who can employ them for their needs.

Suppose you’re interested in becoming an HVAC technician. In that case, the best way to do so is by gaining hands-on experience in this field so that you can get the ability to do more things than repair air conditioning units. You might be able to upgrade your skills and start repairing more advanced heating and cooling units.


One of the best paying trades to get into is plumbing. One of the best ways to get paid more in your trade is by attending a trade school. If you look into some of these schools, they typically offer a lump sum payment to get you started on your future. The advantage of getting paid more if your trade is through a trade school is that you get exposed to higher-paying companies that have contracts with private plumbing companies.

Another good thing about plumbers, besides the money and lack of competition, is that there are many ways to approach it from all angles. There are many ways to get the training you need to get started, and there are many opportunities after you get the first few levels. It means that one way or another, there will be a way for you to make money and have success in this trade. Because of this, you need to educate yourself and look into things such as plumbing schools, apprenticeships, and scholarships.

One of the best reasons to get into this trade besides the money is that you will always be in high demand. It means that when the economy sucks and jobs are hard to get, you will still be making a good living if you stick with it. Even when there aren’t a lot of job openings, there will always be people looking for your services. You can help these people and still make plenty of money as long as you don’t allow yourself to be ripped off by other tradesmen or companies out there who are just looking to make some quick cash.

Electrical Professional

One of the best paying trades to get into is providing electrical services. The demand for electricians is increasing and is likely to continue doing so. In addition, the qualifications needed for many careers in this area are relatively low. It only takes a few years of experience to enter into the profession. An electrician can perform various services related to installing wiring, lighting fixtures, and similar devices in homes, businesses, and other locations. The details can vary based on what they are doing at the time.

Electricians can also install wiring and equipment at a commercial facility like an office building or warehouse. Other facilities that might need electrical services include factories, hospitals, hotels, prisons, and private residences. Some of the businesses that use their services include restaurants and retail outlets. The need for electrical work rises where people are upgrading to newer models of appliances and more sophisticated forms of electricity at home or in the workplace.

Training courses that can prepare you for a career as an electrician will help you get started. Several schools and other educational facilities can provide the training you need. In many cases, the courses you take will be related to apprenticeships. Because of this, it is crucial to find out how many years of experience you need before getting your apprenticeship. Once the training is completed and you have met other requirements along the way, additional testing may be needed. For instance, there will often be a test for electrical licensing in the state where you plan on working.

There are many to consider regarding how much you might earn through the trades. It all depends on your location, the type of trade you want, and what is available in that area. If you’re thinking about the best paying trades to get into, it’s always best to get advice from someone in the field. With the proper knowledge, you’ll have a leg up on all your competitors.